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I am a musician for a blues rock band and I need to be able to buy some amazing outfits for the stage... hence the 4 hour diet plan... fingers crossed!!


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Hello Jen! Welcome to the site and the community. Sounds like an awesome job you have- and SCD will help you look great on stage! You'll find it to be one of the easiest, most enjoyable and sustainable ways of eating you've tried. Great to see more people from the UK joining :D

Feel free to ask any questions you have, enjoy! :)

  • jen_thepixie commented Jan 5th 2012:

    wow thank you sam. I really appreciate you adding me. I am half way through my 1st week now and seem to be doing ok. as yet im not getting sick of meat and beans. had a few bad headaches from the lack of sugar but that has passed. its good to know that there is additional support from the book and the forum and now you too. so thank you.

    Im sure i will be in touch with many silly questions. speak soon

  • Sam Green commented Jan 5th 2012:

    When you say 'lack of sugar'- this is mild sugar withdrawal and will pass after a couple of days on plan- make sure you're drinking plenty of water ;)

    I'll look forward to reading progress/ results , and questions. There is no such thing a silly question here :)

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