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Myotatic OWW!!

Oooh ooh I do have another question actually. (Here they come!) I've always had a problem with any kind of abdominal exercises, particularly crunches. Try as i might to 'tighten my core' and relax my neck, I always get neck strain and my abs shrug and say, was that even exercise...?

With this myotatic crunch, I can't even stay on the ball. (I have a Swiss ball, no Bosu, and sometimes I use cushions. I thought sitting on the low, round footrest would work but I fell backwards! TOTAL FAIL. I know it's supposed to be hard, but this is ridiculousness.

Any thoughts?

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This is going to sound bizarre but when doing them again press your tongue to the roof of your mouth through out the entire exercise and really focus on using your abdominal muscles, part of the issue is likely that you are using your head & neck to gain momentum and barely engaging your abdominals at all. Rest assured though that you are not alone and with practice you will learn how to use your abs :)

As for the falling off the ball, it sounds like (for now) you are going to far back, try mastering the activity by making it a little easier until you gain the strength to do a full myotactic can do that by placing your hips lower on the ball as opposed to closer to the top. Erg, hard to explain what I mean and I hope that makes sense :/

Best of Luck to you!

  • mandy commented Jan 5th 2012:

    Tongue on the roof of mouth... I feel like I may have heard that somewhere before! i tried it yesterday, and it worked much better. Thanks for the tip. My neck didn't feel so much strain, and my abs were exhausted after six repetitions, so at least I know i'm working them! I couldn't go back the whole way, either, but i'll just keep trying to go a little further and work up to it. Thanks again for your comment!

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