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Thigh exercises?

I am trying to tighten up my thighs without spending too much time each day (maybe 10-15mins max). I was hoping for exercises I can do within the comfort of my own home. Does anyone know of anything that works well?

The kettle-bell swings aren't really specific to the legs and I don't think I can source a kettle-bell anyway.


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If you can get a kettlebell, there's a dvd called Kettlebell Bootcamp with Angie Miller. I have it from the library at the moment, I haven't been able to do more than 5 or so minutes a day, maybe in part because I'm using a 25lb bell and they are using a 15 lb one. Anyway, it's kicking my butt and it's more than the basic two handed swing. After 2 partial workouts where I couldn't make it to the end of a set either day, the backs of my thighs were so sore last night I was having problems - I drank a ton of water and sitting on the toilet to pee every half hour put all the pressure on that area of my legs. So painful - like sitting on a giant bruise! Guys have it so easy!

If you are looking for inner thigh workouts, if you have a balance ball, you can lie on your back and put that between your knees and squeeze it like a thigh master.

There are also basic lunges (with or without holding weights), and high intensity bike rides with short bursts in the highest gear while standing up will develop the fronts of your thighs.

  • 4hbwoman commented Dec 31st 2011:

    Thanks - I think lunges and squats are both good. I never tried the bike w/ short bursts of high speed while standing up. How long is a short burst?

  • Jake commented Dec 31st 2011:

    The normal tabata intervals are 20 seconds all out effort, then 10 seconds of recovery. 5 minutes lower intensity warmup, 6-8 reps of intervals, 2 minutes cool down, and 6-8 reps is a goal to work up to, you might start with just a couple of reps. I'm not that focused on counting when I'm riding my bike though. My thought process is more like "I'm pedaling my butt off til I get to that sidestreet up there."

    I've seen that you can download music for an ipod mixed with tabata timing into it for riding the bike, but I'm not sure I'd want to have headphones on if I'm out on the roads, that doesn't seem safe to me.

    More on the intervals: http://www.active.com/triathlon/Articles/Go-for-Broke-with-Tabata-I...

  • 4hbwoman commented Jan 1st 2012:

    Thanks - does this work with all exercises? (not just biking)

  • Jake commented Jan 3rd 2012:

    It should work with all cardio - I've even seen youtubes of people doing tabatas with the kettlebells instead of just pushing through all the swings in one burst.

  • 4hbwoman commented Jan 4th 2012:

    Thank you Jake

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Kettlebells are awesome. Swings work your entire posterior chain, so as far as ''bang for your buck'' exercises, the kb swing is one of the best. Kettlebells can be purchased through many online sites. I'm not sure which country you're in, but you may want to give that a shot. Also, most fitness stores carry kettlebells these days. If not, a dumbbell can be used. It's not quite the same, but it's still effective.

As far as 'tightening up' the thighs, well, I hate to be a downer, but fat loss isn't always site-specific. And, usually in women, the lower body is harder to tighten up. In order to tighten up the thighs, you probably have to tighten EVERYTHING up.

  • 4hbwoman commented Jan 1st 2012:

    Would a Modell's have them? Also, how many per day should you be doing?

  • BigDaddy commented Jan 2nd 2012:

    Their website features them. I would suggest starting with a 25lbs kettlebell. Make sure you properly master the swing technique. Start small. Try for 50 swings, taking breaks as needed, every other day. If that's easy after a week, up it to 75 swings every other day.

  • 4hbwoman commented Jan 3rd 2012:

    Great - thanks for the info. Reading the book makes it hard to get the technique of the swing. Is there a youtube how-to video somewhere?

  • BigDaddy commented Jan 3rd 2012:


    Hopefully that link works. Make sure you push your butt back and then snap the hips forward.

  • 4hbwoman commented Jan 3rd 2012:

    This is so helpful - thanks!

  • BigDaddy commented Jan 3rd 2012:

    Anytime :)

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