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Nuts to increase calories?

Yesterday was my first day on the SCD but I feel as if I'm not consuming enough calories. I hear your not supposed to eat less than 1200 calories and I think my total for yesterday was only around 900 some. I was just wondering if this was ok considering that I wasn't hungry after each meal but if i needed to up my calorie intake at all. If so is eating nuts a better way to increase your calorie intake just so I'm eating enough that way I don't have to eat alot more and feel sick?


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If you're not consuming enough calories, this means your not consuming enough protein. Eating so little calories will downshift your metabolism instead of making you lose more and make you more vulnerable to cheat on banned foods before cheat day, so it is crucial that you add in more food. ;)

Nuts are a good option for snacks, but moderate them. Only have 10 at a time, once per day. Otherwise you need to add in another SCD meal. Tim says you can expect to consume twice as much volume to get the calories you need- so this means half your plate should be meat and half should be beans/veggies/.

Aim for a bare minimum of 20g protein per meal, and 30 for breakfasts in 30 minutes is mandatory for the plan. Best to aim for 30-50g protein per meal, or 0.8-1x your lean body weight in kilograms, which is your total weight minus your fat weight. The bare minimum, even if you're a 45kg female, is 80-100gr a day, so you get the perspective of the amount of protein you need to eat- around 120-180gr per day for most men unless your looking to gain muscle as well, in which case you'll need 1.25x your lean body weight per day.

You may feel like your 'force-feeding' yourself to get all the protein in, but give it a couple of days- this will all change and you'll start feeling fantastic :D

You can also add in other fats like oils (macadamia, coconut and olive), butter and avocados to help increase the calorie intake as well to at least 1500 a day. You may need more depending on your activity level and size. :)

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I agree with Sam, up your protein and fats.

If you're that short on calories, consider adding a mini meal in the late afternoon. Focus on protein and fats. My go to favorite these last few days has been a bit of avocado and smoked salmon.

Nuts are great, go for unsalted as the salt may lead you to retain water. A spoonful of nut butter works too.

What are you using to track calories?

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