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cheat day 2 days

well i blew it on christmas ;( cheat dat was on sat but i took it to sunday to ;( but back on track today;) hope everybody had a great christmas;)


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Hey, don't spend any time beating yourself up over it!! You know how I look at it? Before SCD, 7 out of 7 days were "cheat days", meaning that every day was a day when I just ate whatever the heck I felt like eating. That's a "zero percent" score on good days vs not so good days.

During SCD, only 1 of 7 are cheat days (most weeks, that is). So, that's an 86% improvement over pre-SCD times! Right?

Even 2 of 7 is still 71% better than not doing SCD at all.

I know --- we can "frame" things however we want in order to "justify our behavior". But my point is that, OVERALL, in the grand scheme of things when you look back over several months or a whole year, having a 2nd cheat day at Christmas is certainly not anything to whip yourself emotionally over.

I hope you agree and feel energized about the days ahead and not defeated. Feeling defeated doesn't help a bit!!

Happy Holidays, cathieely!!!!

  • Cathieely Enter last name commented Dec 27th 2011:

    thanks gretchenlin yea i got back on track first thing this morning i felt like crap not upset that i had 2 cheat days in a row but that i was real sick to my stomach :( felt like crap :) but like i said i picked myself up and got back on track first thing this morning. hope your christmas was good :)

  • Maria Rider commented Dec 27th 2011:

    I THOUGHT about cheating on that second day(Cheat Day Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was regular SCD)....but I resisted. They say that the cravings are really bad the day after a Cheat Day. I hope you did Damage Control on your cheat weekend. I actually plan on doing Cheat Weekends when I get to my goal. :) I ended up having my first stall on the Christmas Eve weigh-in....BUT I only gained 3.6 lbs from that and 2.8 lbs is lost as of Monday morning! YAY! I see a BIG loss this Saturday! :D What a way to end the year! I should crack the 150s!

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I feel your pain.. I blew it for the second day in a row too :(

And I feel horrible, sick and out of control for the first time in 10 weeks. I hardly did any damage control and i have really gone all out- eating more than I ever have on cheat days, in fact it was a binge.

And now I'm scared about how much I've gained back from what I've lost in the last 10 weeks, which is also bad because I don't really think I lost much last week (I was still strict as possible with food etc though). It has really killed my Christmas spirit, which started out good but is now depressing. I'm also worried about how long it'll take to lose this weight since I was planning on actually losing over New Year rather than staying the same.

If I can at least be at the same weight I was on Christmas morning (whatever it was- I didn't have a scale at my dad's) by New Year everything should be fine and I'll carry on losing again by the time everyone else has made their resolutions (or broken them, lol).

I say you don't worry about this because after all, it IS Christmas and everyone, even slow-carbers, is bound to go to complete excess. It's normal, but your not alone!:D At least we know we can still lose weight again quickly.

Just pick yourself up, consider Christmas as over and you'll have lost weight by New Year. We can do this! :)

  • Cathieely Enter last name commented Dec 27th 2011:

    you know sam im not going to weigh myself i know i ate to much i dont need to see what ive gain back. I got back on track today:) so i am going to weigh myself on the january 8th i know how you feel though i felt real sick to my stomach on christmas night it was horrible and slept horrible :( but like you said pick yourself up get back on track we can do it!!!!!! :)

  • Sam Green commented Dec 27th 2011:

    Ditto, I have not weighed/measured myself in over a week too so that helps.The jeans I'm wearing right now are still loose but loose enough, and my other jeans got washed a couple of days ago- were tight after washing which annoyed me, but I know just by looking at myself I did lose weight last week. So we are not going to let the holidays bother us. I am in exactly the same boat- ate so much food probably 8000 calories today and 6000 yesterday =-( .A calorie isn't a calorie on slow carb so I know, also by experience, that this weight WILL come off by next week. I know this because in July I had a 3 day binge Wednesday-Friday but still lost it all by the following Thursday. This was before I gained weight but the point still stands-our bodies are loyal to the plan :D

  • Maria Rider commented Dec 27th 2011:

    My hubby overdid it, but got back on it on Sunday. He gained back 5.6 lbs, but he's lost a lot of it already. We hope to crack the next set of 10s this weekend. Be strong, Sam and Cathie! Just get back on it, be strict and make it to Saturday! Though, maybe you want to go to Sunday since you cheated for the entire weekend. ;) I'd go weigh in...it's a good reality check and judging by how both your bodies felt afterwards....I think you've learned your lesson. :) Yes, it is the time for excess, but it's during the holidays where keeping that "healthy attitude" must be followed for a long lasting weight loss. Remember being healthy is a lifestyle not just a temporary thing.

  • Sam Green commented Dec 27th 2011:

    Nah,rather not weigh in- it would put me in a bad mood lol.Maybe once I get to my goal as experiments but for now I want to ease the process of getting the last few pounds off for myself. Which is likely a few more now that I've had a mega double cheat day with only damage control yesterday and a little today.Definitely learnt the lesson. My stomach aches so much and feels really distended. Probably won't be able to stomach much today but I'll get dinner in for sure ;) I'll not be having another cheat day until I am only 3 pounds away from my goal, since last time I checked I only had 6.5 to goal.Last weighed in just over a week ago. So I'll probably be getting back on track until after the first week of Jan- to undo both days hopefully. I'll see how it goes :D

  • Maria Rider commented Dec 27th 2011:

    Good Luck! :) I always want to keep myself accountable if I slip up. But as far as diet, even on special occassions. I'm pretty darn golden and safe. Exercise, well....that's another thing. ;)

  • Maria Rider commented Dec 27th 2011:

    Oh, I should add that as of over an hour ago, I am now .2 lbs under my pre-cheat weight of Saturday. :) I did indulge, but not a whole lot....glad my cheat day weight is finally coming off quickly! This week should be a pretty awesome week for weigh-in! :)

  • lisa_a commented Dec 27th 2011:

    Akane can I ask what your current meal plans are? I've noticed through previous posts that your progress seems to be going well and wondered if you could share how you're doing it? Thankyou and hope you all had a lovely Christmas! X

  • Sam Green commented Dec 27th 2011:

    Woo!You'll be going into the New Year nearly 100lbs lighter, how awesome is that? For me, it'll be 'the final saga' of yo-yoing lol. This year my weight has swung between 124 and 165lbs. Went right down from 158-124 in the first half, right past my start weight by October and then right down to what it was on the 25th (probably anywhere between 136 and 140lbs) and now it's probably right back up again :( At least the majority should be water weight but I'm worried it won't go back down to what it was on the 25th by New Year.. That said one of my top resolutions is to stabalize my weight at 133 and end this horrible yo yo cycle. At least I can learn from the major slip-up- not think of it as a failure however hard that might be and just as a learning point/experiment


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I'm just going to echo what Gretchenlin said. Don't beat yourself up.!

Look at how awesome you've done over the long term.

You've gained a sense of self-discipline which is great but there's no need to beat yourself up for a slip.

You've gotten yourself back on track and that's the best thing you can do!

You and everybody else on this site has been such an inspiration for me.

Happy holidays to you all!

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