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Reverse Hyper Extension (at home) Alternative?


Anyone have a alternative suggestion to an at home no machine Reverse Hyper Extension?

I've looked various options but thought I'd pole the people.


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I don't have a suggestion for that movement, but for the same muscles workout (hamstrings / glutes) you could try a 'Stiff Leg Deadlift' check out...


This shows it done with a barbell but you could use dumb bells, I'd imagine maybe even Kettlebells - though not tried it with them admittedly!

Hope that helps

Dave :)

  • justin commented Feb 5th 2011:
    Thanks for the suggestion. :) I have a T-bar.

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I couldnt figure that one out either! ankle weights seem to be the only thing that can come close but then i think the pressure should be higher no? like isnt it a movement of your hamstrings?


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This may sound insane but.... put on ankle-weights, lay on your table, and pull ankles up to a horizontal? :P This could be a toughie!


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Yeah. I'd need to get 40-60 lb ankle weights for each leg. I wonder if they make those. :))


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If you are looking to shape your butt - kettle bell or Dumbbell swings will do it. If you want to develop the bicep femur you can try an iron boot found at this link iron boot .

I have seen irion boots, but have never used one.


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A properly done bridge will activate every muscle in your posterior so you won't get the isolation of the reverse hyper, but you will work your entire backside. That being said, it takes a while (sometimes months) to build up the strength to do a proper bridge, which may or may not fit into your plan.

If that is a pain, go with the kettlebell swings.

  • justin commented Apr 16th 2011:
    Bridge? is it the same as glute activation raises? looks the same. I do Kettlebell swings. The reverse hyper is part of the kiwi's workout from the book.
  • bradypatterson commented Apr 17th 2011:
    The glute raise is the start of your bridge training, kind of like an entry into the actual bridge as it can take a long time to build up the strength in your neck and back to do a proper bridge. http://www.spike.com/video-clips/q4imi4/wrestler-bridge-exe
  • bradypatterson commented Apr 17th 2011:
    If you do decide to do it please be careful. I can't find the link right now but there is a level of progression to follow as you get stronger with the bridge. I do know you can find it in the book Convict Conditioning if you're so inclined.

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