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I've been doing the strength training and focusing on dead lifts and bench. I am also doing 3x8 barbell curls and tricep extensions for my own personal development. What else have you added? I'm going to add squats to the mix for sure and feel that kettlebell could take care of shoulders.

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I'm two weeks into the strength training program and focusing on three exercises only - incline pushups, deadlifts and kettlebell swings. I follow the suggestions for the pliometrics between DL (box jumps, skipping and/or short sprints) and am finishing each session feeling great. I've mixed it up a little with the ultraendurance suggestions - tabata intervals etc but added extra endurance work as I'm an ultrarunner.

Progress has been good and I'm definitely noticed some muscle and strength gains. Measured arms this morning and I've added an inch to them without a single curl, while dropping two inches to my waist measurement (35 down to 33 inches). The biggest difference I can see is in my chest and shoulders which I attribute to the kettlebell swings. I bought a 16kg one for my wife and added wrist weights to add 4kg to it but I'll have to purchase a heavier one now. But if you want to develop your shoulders get a KB - it's also a good workout for your legs I find.


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Wait wait... kettlebell for chest/shoulders? Not Kettlebell swings.. Just to clarify, kettlebell swings works your 'posterior chain' - Your entire back, glutes, hamstrings, and quads. (Perhaps if you use your arms for resistance on the downswings, this could affect shoulders as well.) But you should be swinging upward with your arms totally limp, using only your hips as the driving force.

I would suspect the chest and shoulder improvement you are seeing is from your incline pushups, as those are the targeted muscle groups for that exercise (along with triceps).

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