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Stalled and sick of spinachs and eggs

Ok guys, been on the scd for almost three months and lost nearly 10 kilos (around 22 lbs). Haven't use any of the suplements and so far I'm really happy about the results.

Somehow i'm sort of stalling and losing just some grams per day so I would like to know what have you change when you have stalled. I guess now is all about building some muscle to accelerate fat loss?

Also, what can I use instead of eggs and spinach, I'm not stomaching those anymore.

Look forward to reading from you!

Sample Meals:


- As soon as I wake up 1 pint of water (not ice water, just water)

- Then after 30 mins/1 hour I manage to prepare 2-3 white eggs boiled or with ghee (depending on how tolerant I am that day )

- Spinach, sometimes fresh with olive oil and vinegar/salt and sometimes boiled and olive oil added with garlic and salt

- Beans (you name it, I've tried them all)

- Coffee w/cinnamon only


- Chicken Breast / Cow Meat

- Beans

- Salad

- Sometimes Diet coke

Snack: big green tea cup - some almonds (not always)


- Usually a tuna can spoiled over some lettuce/tomatoes and 2 tablespoons of garbanzo beans / chickpea.

Then: 2 glasses of wine.

Through the day: lots of water, I pee every hour.

EXERCISE: 100 Kettlebell swings - Myostatic crunch. ONCE a week and a 30-60 minute ride ibike on weekends

  • Beorn86 commented Dec 17th 2011:

    Sample meals please


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I just posted an entry about when a stall isn't really a stall. It helps if you are measuring more than weight, since body recomposition is a main part of the focus of the 4HB plan. What I found is that I was gaining lean muscle weight and losing inches, all the while thinking that I was stalling or not losing much weight. Measure everything. It will help you through the tough times, especially when the body is shifting and it can look like nothing is happening. If the BF% and total inches are not shifting, then there might be something for you to tweak in your plan that might be contributing to a stall.

As for being sick of eggs and spinach, you can either get over it because your goal is bigger than your immediate boredom, or you can replace the eggs and spinach with other protein (many sources!) and veg (many sources!). Don't let your mind subvert what you want for yourself. Hack your body, get to know it as you never have before, and hang in there.

  • Maria Rider commented Dec 17th 2011:

    LL, it's interesting you mention "as for being sick of eggs and spinach" comment. Cause I've been doing this for 8 months already and I have eaten the SAME breakfast(eggs/spinach(ham at one point, chicken sausage at another point)) EVERY morning. Yeah, it's boring...yeah I'm sick of it...but I'm just nourishing my body and not necessarily thinking "OMG SO BORED/SICK OF SAME MEALS, ETC...etc" You are TOTALLY correct. MY GOAL is MORE IMPORTANT than how SICK/BORED I am of my redundant meals. PLUS, that's what cheat day is for. :) To get rid of the redundancy for just a day. :) I'm cool with just that to continue doing this eating plan until I reach my goal. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

  • Bugzy commented Dec 17th 2011:

    I've had the same one every day for over 3 months now, but I actually look forward to it. I get my variety later in the day. Amazing really, since before this I was never a breakfast eater. But if I did get bored, I know I could change it up and still be eating SCD. If it ain't broke.....

  • Gretchen Linden commented Dec 17th 2011:

    My experience has been the same; virtually the same 2-3 meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, for 6 months. And I wasn't even eating meats! So it was only eggs, fish, shrimp, or cottage cheese for my protein. I was grateful for the relief from always having to figure out what I had to cook or buy. Repetition simplifies life. But, if boredom truly is too big a problem, I'd say fba should think about just 2 brand-new meals (search recipes; choose simple things like baked chicken, roasted veggies or chili with beef or chicken- easy to make in big batches and reheat) to add in for a while, to remove the egg and spinach meals. Eggs and spinach can come back in very soon and will probably not feel so boring then.

  • Maria Rider commented Dec 17th 2011:

    LL, me too! I was never a breakfast eater. If I DID have breakfast it was like a 2 mini bagels with peanut butter on one and cream cheese on the other. Yeah, not exactly very healthy, but that's what I ate. I like the eggs and lentils.....spinach is ok....not a big fan of spinach.

    Gretchen, I totally agree. I like simplicity. Yeah, my meals are pretty boring, but it makes it easy to do and quick. Cheat Day is where I get my variety. I'm going to be changing it up this coming week cause I think the constant chicken breast dinners for several weeks may be stalling progress a bit. Gonna try fish and veggies on Thu/Fri.

  • fba commented Dec 19th 2011:

    Thanks for the support, I really needed it! I'm going to try another green for breakfast I think is the spinach what I can't really stand anymore!

  • Bugzy commented Dec 19th 2011:

    Great, there's lots of green to choose from. I just happen to love spinach, else I would have ditched it long ago!

  • Maria Rider commented Dec 19th 2011:

    You can eat green beans or broccoli, or cauliflower or asparagus...it doesn't HAVE to be spinach though spinach is chock full of nutritients and vitamins...thus why Tim uses it. :) Otherwise, go for any veggie in that spot... :)

  • Christi commented Dec 22nd 2011:

    You could combine the spinach with your egg whites. I scramble 1 whole egg, five egg whites and frozen spinach (put it in the pan first to thaw it out) and add garlic salt, a touch of butter or ghee and it's actually quite fantastic.

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Kale is a good switch for Spinach (my wife hates cooked Spinach but likes Kale, so we've been having that more recently).

Also -I've been mixing my eggs, beans, and spinach or kale into a "mash" of sorts and adding some salsa on top (sometimes a slice or two of cut up turkey bacon too). Sort of mixes everything together and let's the salsa dominate the flavor. I'm assuming one should watch to ensure the salsa doesn't have too much added sugar and whatnot-but this has been working for me. . .


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You don't have to eat eggs for breakfast every morning, I know I don't. You can have whatever meal you have for lunch/dinner for breakfast. The most imporrtant thing is getting 30g in 30 minutes though, so this could require eating leftovers. Otherwise, there are lots you can eat for breakfast without going near eggs :)

As for the stalling, your not stalling as such but just slowing down in losses. Are you nearing your goal weight? If so now might be time to do more of a 'last mile' type diet and cut out most legumes. Try only eating them at breakfast and see if it helps.

Also try upping your water intake, eliminating any source of hidden sugars/starch on foods- condiments mainly,making sure protein is sufficient (1g per lb lean body mass), that your not cardioing much/overtraining (muscle needs rest and too much exercise produces cortisol and is catabolic). You may even be adding muscle, so get your body fat checked if you haven't already.

It might help posting what you typically eat every day to try and spot any areas to touch up on.

  • fba commented Dec 19th 2011:

    Thanks for your answer Sam.

    I am going to vary the spinach, which is what I really can't stand now...I do the leftovers a lot.... I am nearing my weight goal, I'm just 1 kilo from making it, but been trying for 2 weeks as hard as I can and cannot reach it! I guess I would have to force the bar and make a couple of cardio session/week. And maybe do the Cold baths (brrr buit is freezing here now!).

    Will let you all guys know how I am doing. Thanks for your support!

  • Maria Rider commented Dec 19th 2011:

    Good Luck, FBA! Congrats on getting real close to your goal! You can do it! Keep on going!!

  • Sam Green commented Dec 20th 2011:

    Based on your sample meals you posted, you need to make absolutely sure you get your 30g protein on 30 minutes of waking in, no matter what. This ensures being able to stick to it everyday- the purpose is to start your metabolism and eliminate hunger and cravings for the day. Also, you should increase your meat/veg and only eat beans at one meal (breakfast is best). Also spacing cheat days further apart , 10-14 days, will increase loss and not distrupt ketosis, which is burning exclusively fat for fuel. This will happen once you cut out pretty much all beans , so you can constantly burn fat instead of carbs and fat as you would with beans at every meal. Now that your close to goal your body will try to resist changes so you will need to be stricter. Good luck!


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Have you tried mixing it up with flavors? I've found simple things like adding green peppers and onions changes the flavor of it quite a bit. Add some braggs amino acids and onions with a little liquid smoke and eggs are fun again. Get the blender out and puree some tomatos, onion, peppers and cilantro and you've got a great sauce you can mix in while you good the eggs. Get creative.

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