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When is a stall NOT a "stall"?

This is a rhetorical question, actually, that has an answer. I have been scratching away for 5 weeks to whittle away a measly 3 pounds. Hovering at one weight for days, then dropping a smidge, then hovering again, etc, etc. At that time 5 wks ago I was at a happy 33.6% BF, down from an initial 40.7%. Good reason to be happy. Then came the last 5 rather unexciting, at times discouraging, weeks. However..... my measurements this morning came out to 29.9% BF, a loss of 3.7% in that time, as well as a loss of 3.75 total inches. Woot! It's a gain of lean muscle mass, which is why TF says MEASURE EVERYTHING. I added HIIT to my program along with my kettlebell workouts, and think that made a difference.

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Yep, that's how it's been for me lately! I've actually gained a pound or two over the last week, but my TI have dropped significantly in that interval. I think the most important thing for me on this diet is to not use weight as my metric so as to not get discouraged. We're both making progress, but our scale doesn't reflect that like we're used to.


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I find that I never lose weight on a consistent, linear basis. I drop 5+lbs in a week and then stall the next week or two.. It's annoying and tests my patience a little but taking measurements helps track progress more accurately. Great post, it explains why on diets, especially low carb/high protein ones, muscle gain/exercise etc can make the number on the scale freeze but yet we still keep losing fat , which is more important than simply losing 'weight'. :)


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Great work. What are you using to measure your BF%?

  • Bugzy commented Dec 15th 2011:

    At the moment, I'm using an impedance scale under identical conditions each time. Not the most accurate for actual measurement, but not too bad for relative measurements. I'll be picking up a handheld ultrasound device before the end of the month, so will be able to do better down the line with actual numbers.

  • Beorn86 commented Dec 16th 2011:

    Same, but the only impedence machine available to me is at my local chemist :/ don't trust it but maybe it'll be ok relatively! Thinking about getting a DEXA scan every 3 months or something like that....

  • Bugzy commented Dec 16th 2011:

    DEXA would be the ultimate measure, but I haven't found a place over here that isn't linked to a doctor's referral. That said, I haven't exhausted the search either. As it stands, I have to go to the States to get the handheld device I mentioned as it's not sold over here.

  • Beorn86 commented Dec 16th 2011:

    I'm in ireland so the hope of getting a handheld device is nonexistent. However i think i can pay €100 to a university to get a DEXA.. must research it more! Thanks!

  • Bugzy commented Dec 16th 2011:

    If you score on that account, let me know and I might be able to find something comparable in or around London.

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