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Sex Machine Protocol #1

Hey guys,

I have tried the sex machine experiment and wanted to post my subjective results. Subjective because I did not get tested before and after.

I have just tested Protocal #1 in 2 variations and sadly did not feel any changes. My sex drive / appetite did not seem to increase, adding that I think I have a regular sex drive, definitely not considered high for a 25yo.

For the first month (daily upon waking and before bed):

2000mg Cod Liver oil + 3000IU D3 + Butter Ghee + 3 Brazil Nuts

After not feeling any changes I decided it might be because I was not getting 'the good stuff', so I shelled out and tried that.

Second month (same dosages):

Fermented Cod liver oil / butter oil blend + 3000-5000IU D3 + 3 Brazil Nuts

Again sadly, no testosterone related results.

However I had noticed I was sleeping much better at night and waking with more energy. Initially I thought it was the D3, but I have since narrowed it down to the brazil nuts - particularly ingesting good fats before bed just like in the book. So now I have a celery stick + 1/2 tsp of almond spread (as Tim suggests) before bed to get the same effect. So at least I discovered something!

Please do comment, particularly if you have tried this protocol gents. I am now going to attempt to Protocol #2 in high hopes - I'll let you all know how it goes.

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I would like to try this too, but am worried about side effects. I'm sure we've all ready about how excess testosterone can lead to things like body hair, baldness, and rage.

Why did Tim not mention these things in the book?

  • wombat commented Sep 18th 2012:


    just kidding- I think he doesn't mention it because I think that is more a symptom of way too much Test which I think this would not cause (you'd have to take meds/steroids to achieve that) but that's just my two cents.

  • TheBSper commented Sep 18th 2012:

    The only reason Tim used this protocol is because his testosterone was low, and he wanted to get it to above-average but still healthy levels. I'm not sure this would take someone who has naturally high testosterone and make their body produce even more. The effects your talking about are most-commonly associated with testosterone injections (aka steroids) which is several orders of magnitude higher than this.


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Did you get blood tests for your testosterone levels? What were the numbers? If not, you should do a before/after with blood tests and I believe the book said to give it 3 months for the long-term changes to have their full effect.

  • roberdingo commented Mar 11th 2012:

    No I didn't - I wanted to but simply couldn't afford to at the time. If you do decide to do it and go at least a full 3 months - please let me know your findings

  • TheBSper commented Mar 13th 2012:

    I just did my first day today, so I guess I'll get back to you in June!

  • TheBSper commented Sep 18th 2012:

    So I was a few months behind schedule, but I finally got my follow-up blood work done. Unfortunately, my testosterone went DOWN by 111 ng/dL (from 505 ng/dL to 394 ng/dL). However, one major problem was that this wasn't a very controlled experiment. I also switched to the Last Mile diet for several months over the summer, and was only off it for a couple of weeks before I got my blood drawn. According to this study from UNC's sports and exercise science department:, exercising on a low-/no-carb diet will significantly reduce (like, cut it in half) your testosterone. This could be an explanation, so I'm going back to slow carb and continuing the supplements to see if it comes up again, and then goes beyond what it was.


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I would have to say that the Fermented cod liver oil/Butter fat combined with nightly cold showers of 5-10 minutes did it for me.

It might be a question of age? Perhaps being older means having a bigger defecit so more potential to notice the effects?

On a side note- since the capsule form of the oil/butter blend is so expensive I just buy the gel (same price but 96 servings versus 60 and each serving is 20 calories versus 10 for the pills so it's actually equal to 192 servings of of the pills!) stick it in the freezer with a metal 1/4 teaspoon measure and take 1/4 teaspoon twice a day.

  • TheBSper commented Sep 18th 2012:

    What were your numbers before and after?

  • wombat commented Sep 20th 2012:

    I didn't get any blood work done but based on the anecdotal evidence (sex drive, mood, etc)

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