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8 weeks, 4% BF and 12 lbs down

Hi all-

In the last 3 years (through various diet/exercise methods before 4HB/SCD including South Beach and just general increased exercise) –I’ve lost over 65 pounds. However generally I’ve been stalled for the last 2 years (with one random 15 pound loss in about 2 months in the middle of those 2 years). In the last 8 weeks on the SCD I’ve lost 12 pounds and about 4% BF (I’m at around 18% now, I think I was closer to 40% a few years back). Just wanted to share that success and a few things (most already on the site in some form):

  • I did this despite 1 poor weekend (planned) and a few slip ups here and there. Extended slip ups took longer to re-lose than a cheat day, but not that long overall (1 bad weekend of candy and crap took me a week and a half to recover from). My results would have been better without that weekend I know it.
  • For cooking/prep -I cook a full week's worth of meals in 3-4 hours (usually I do this on Sundays) and they good to eat all week. I fry my organic eggs for breakfast, have all the rest of the regular SCD foods, and I haven’t had trouble with anything keeping for the week. I have a fridge full of Pyrex/Tupperware of proteins, veggies, and a little beans and lentils come Sunday night.
  • For me, I have found a little Salsa or BBQ sauce (2 Tbs) with a little sugar is ok, but generally fake sugars are not. Things that stalled fat loss for me over the last few weeks:
  • Any diet soda (I had to cut this out completely)
  • Not drinking at least 4-5 liters of water a day, the more the better
  • More than 10-12 nuts, and/or nut butter (ok for an occasional snack, but when I had it every night I stalled)
  • Alcohol is also a staller for me -Tim can drink 1-2 glasses red wine any day, I save anything I have for cheat day.
  • Also –I usually only have beans/lentils for my 1st two meals, from ¼-½ cup, I was able to experiment down to the lowest amount I think my body needs to not feel the typical effects of a more keto diet.
  • I definitely had a week or two where cutting down my workouts helped. Once I got my SCD DIET routine down (this comes first) –I’ve been able to add in a decent amount of “cardio” in addition to strength training without stalling, I do eat maybe 100-200 calories more on these days though (not crap, just more veggies/protein). Though you don’t need to calorie count –one stalled week I estimated I accidentally created about 1000 kcal deficit per day-just seemed to be too much for me. I am now back at my full routine of training (I am a triathlete) and I can swim 3x, bike 2x-3x, run 2-3x and do strength 3x a week and my weight loss continues). However –I really had to take a few weeks to do strict SCD to really understand my body/the diet/and my “baseline” for weekly weight loss. Anyone who really wants to work out a lot –give yourself at least a few weeks with minimal (or just kettlebell/strength work) –and then slowly add it in. Also –I wonder even for me if once and awhile I’ll need to take a week of lower activity to bust through another plateau.
  • I found, for me, with my am workout routine, I was able to still lose weight without eating at least 30g protein within 30 min of waking, but I do have at least 30 in my first meal post workout. Again –if you want to do this –first give yourself a few weeks w/pure SCD, then try the variation.
  • I’ve been doing PAGG, also I’ve measured my BF via a bioimpedance scale, so not the most accurate but hopefully it’s accuracy to itself day to day is decent. I weigh myself 1st thing in the morning every day, it gives me my weight, my BF% and my H20%. I plan to get a DEXA scan in early 2012 when I think I’m closer to my goal (my mirror continues to be my guide right nowJ).

Also –in the last week I’ve started doing IF per some of the details on the leangains site I really like it and feel like it’s helping even more, I plan to continue this until (IF) my training increases to the point where this current diet doesn’t meet my needs (likely not until next summer (I am training for an Ironman)).

I think I’ll reach my “next” goal around the end of March –I plan on getting my DEXA done then –and I’ll post all my before/after pics and measurements at that time if not before (I have a 3 years ago, a before SCD, and one to come!)

Thanks to everyone who helps contribute to this forum, it’s been a great resource for me and I’m hoping to continue to spread the word.


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