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Women don't be afraid to lift.

I'm just trying to figure out how to post videos.

I keep getting nothing but code.

woo finally figured it out.

This is from 2009, but Martin posted this earlier today:

"Look how big and bulky heavy weights make you."

  • s joshua commented Dec 19th 2011:


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Good Tip! Women who weight train are doing their bodies a huge service and the benefits are pages long :)

Usually women who look 'bulky' (lol I despise that term almost more than 'tone') are usually taking one of two different routes:

1) Working out for hypertrophy and eating like CRAP. These women are what tinesloaf (she is a member on here) refers to as 'fuscular' ...fat and muscular. Awesome lean muscle mass with a layer of fat on top.

2) The right diet, usually some sort of anabolic supplement and an AMAZING training reg for hypertrophy. Women simply can NOT 'look like a man' unless they seriously bust ass and have the right program, it rarely (if ever) happens by accident. Actually, I think I can safely say that it never happens by accident.

Lol Justin you seem to have stimulated me out from underneath my rock ;)

  • Lexi dogon commented Dec 9th 2011:

    deadlifts FTW!!!! m 1 repmax for D.L. is 225 .... :) love me some deadlifts

  • mushin3212 commented Dec 19th 2011:

    Couldn't agree with this more. Deadlifts are the single best exercise in my opinion. Who male or female doesnt want an awesome butt? :D

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