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cheat day christmas and christmas eve

ok every christmas eve we have honey baked ham at my moms and and potatos and different kinds of fruit salads. and pie then christmas day we go to my aunt and uncles house to eat turkey and stuffing gravy potatos 3 different kind of sweet potato and chips and dip and pies up the wazoo:) how do i fit my cheat dat in when its a two day affair?

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I'll answer anecdotally. I remember that you also posted about Thanksgiving cheat day. This time of year is tough for people on any diet, and SCD seems to be no exception.

I was on vacation for a week for Thanksgiving (I'm lucky that my work allowed me to do that) and I will be on vacation again for Christmas through the New Year. Being out of town, going back home to friends and family, it's basically impossible for me to maintain the SCD as over half my meals are with friends and family. Also, Northern California Mexican food is complete garbage compared to Southern California Mexican food, so I get my fill of tacos, burritos, sopas, albondigas, mole, god... everything while I'm down there. I didn't even get the chance to do a high-protein breakfast many mornings. I wasn't happy about that last part. That is super important, and I probably would have been able to bounce back even better if I did.

So it was about a week of eating complete non-SCD crap. I brought PAGG with, but I didn't even take it about 40-50% of the time. I ate a ton of grains, sugars, wheat products... Drank a lot, including mostly beer. Just totally strayed from the diet. But a week of doing that made me feel absolutely disgusted with myself.

I didn't do inch measurements over this time period, but I was at 226.4 lb before my vacation, and shot up to about 235 upon arriving home. I immediately went hardcore back on SCD as a crap-week really strengthened my resolve. The 235+ weigh-in was the Sunday after Thanksgiving... So the 27th. That day, I started back with the SCD, including kettlebells 3x a weekk. I even screwed up a bit and did a cheat day and a half the following weekend. This past week, I started again with the cold showers (which are amazing if you haven't tried them. They sound painful, but make you feel great afterward). I'm down to 223.4 as of today, and I'm going to start up again with measuring Total Inches as I'm so inspired by the bounce-back.

One thing that I've found with this diet is that as long as you can find the resolve to start it again after extended cheat days or cheat periods, it make me incredibly resilient.

My point in all of this is that sometimes the holidays may require you to break the diet plan a bit. I'm still in my 20s so my body is quick to recover. Don't lose focus, and don't get discouraged. My weigh-in at 235 made my heart sink, but it strengthened my resolve to bust my ass, and following the diet, along with kettlebells and cold showers have launched me back into it. I'm nearly at a low point for weight since I started SCD (I started at 260) and the Cheat Week is long behind me. Of course I have one ahead too :) This time I ordered some cissus and will use my friends' and families' exercise equipment to help with the insulin sensitivity, but the bottom line is after my Thanksgiving Cheat Week, I'm sooo not worried about it anymore.

Of course you have to find the strength not to keep cheating after 2 consecutive cheat days, and sometimes that can be the toughest part.

Also, if I've completely missed the point of your post with my ramblings, just remember to space your cheat days at least 5 days apart, so that if you take a double cheat day, just wait 5+ days for another one.

  • Cathieely Enter last name commented Dec 7th 2011:

    well what im going to do is christmas morning my mom makes a wonderful egg casserol with ham and cheese. i will eat just a little of that. i use to eat a big serving sometimes 2 not this year :) im just gona watch what i eat and do all my exercise cat vomit wall presses and ect.......also i not going to pig out like i would with my normal cheat day so im not worried about the holidays and eating. im pretty good about getting back on track after. that must of been nice seeing family and friends and enjoying your self without worring about what you ate. soubds like you had a great time good for you :)


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I am Definitely taking a cheat week beginning on the 24th.. I'm salivating already :D come new year's i'll be feeling so terrible that i'll be ready to kick off another year of SCD!

  • Maria Rider commented Dec 6th 2011:

    Why a week? YOu could reverse all progress in one week of bad eating. Limit the damage to two days at max if needed. otherwise, try to follow the plan as strictly as possible on the non-holiday days. :)

  • Cathieely Enter last name commented Dec 6th 2011:

    have fun :)

  • Beorn86 commented Dec 6th 2011:

    @Akane, I'm definitely not going to gain 30 pounds of fat and lose another 10 of muscle in one week :D In fact, I'm doing occam's so my bet is that i'll benefit from a week of extra calories as i'm having some trouble gaining.

    I think the psychological aspect of having an off week will benefit me much more in the long run, especially around christmas when all my good friends and family are around :)

  • Sam Green commented Dec 7th 2011:

    I think it would help in this 'cheat week' to chose mostly good protein sources and good carbs rather than eating junk all day long- except on Chrostmas Day and New Years Day of course :D

  • Beorn86 commented Dec 7th 2011:

    Ha ha, of course! Yes after a day or two, my body will be broken so I will naturally tone it down a bit I think :D still though, I know a lot of people prefer to moderate cheat days but I much prefer to go all out, suffer the consequences but know that I won't have a single craving for another week/ten days!

  • Sam Green commented Dec 7th 2011:

    Ditto! There's no point going half hearted on cheat days and not getting all cravings out of your system- helps me stick to it more and I only get it every other week. Also willing to do all damage control as a 'small price to pay' for gluttony :D

  • Maria Rider commented Dec 7th 2011:

    Oh, I agree on the getting in all the stuff or most of the stuff on cheat day. I guess I come from the school of "I don't want to see my weight go up and have to work an extra week or two to get it off" camp. :) I guess I am in the minority when it comes to eating during the holidays. (At least for this year. ;)) I've got a schedule to keep!! I plan on getting to my goal by May 2012...I can't have ANY backsliding..psychological or not. I'm fine with having a SCD Christmas Day cause my biggest eating day is actually Christmas Eve.

  • Maria Rider commented Dec 7th 2011:

    But, I understand people will do what they do. I just have a more stoic attitude when it comes to sticking to it....even on special occasions and holidays. :) I don't want to lose ground. Been on SCD for almost 8 months..only ONE gain in all those weeks. I've vowed to NEVER gain and I have the added "disadvantage" of being a woman and having to deal with the monthly visitor. So, yeah...I'm pretty hardcore about this! I figure the faster I get to my goal, the less time I Have to be on "strict" SCD and get onto maintenance and having a few carbs during the week. :) I've "taken my time" the last dozen times I've tried to lose weight, NOT ANYMORE! It's coming off and it is coming off as fast as possible! No stalls! No setbacks! :)

  • Maria Rider commented Dec 7th 2011:

    Oh, and there will be other Christmases....you bet next year I will be celebrating, but I know that with a week of SCD it can come off quickly enough. ;)

  • Maria Rider commented Dec 7th 2011:

    Also, knowing my history, if I "let myself have a longer break than 1 day", I KNOW my laziness will kick in and I will start to lose momentum and I am afraid of that happening and reversing all my progress. THUS, the determined, "no excuses! stick to it!" attitude.

  • Sam Green commented Dec 7th 2011:

    Akane, I feel the same way. There are no excuses for cheating on any other days than our Prescheduled ones, and doing so just leads to negative thoughts, self sabotage and more carb cravings/ addictions, which is not what the cheat day is about , it should have the opposite affect..although I do find myself with cravings the next day I think about how bad it will make me feel and the great food I get to eat instead of garbage, how great I'm starting to and going to look/feel etc, until a craving passes. Basically, there is NO excus for me to gain weight over the holidays now I have the knowledge and tools. Why waste any hard work, delay progress and spend even longer getting to goals? Not worth any instant gratification when we now eat to live and not live to eat.

  • Beorn86 commented Dec 8th 2011:

    Well done on your gaining record akane, that's impressive. Also kudos on sticking wholeheartedly! I guess the clincher for me is that I've reached my weight goal already so am focusing only on recomposition, which I'm happy to take my time with. I just know that if i don't let loose for that week, i'll feel like i'm punishing myself and will likely feel the urge to cheat a lot in january! Going on a cutting cycle in jan after what will be 2 months of occam's so i'll need all the resolve i can get to stay away from the delicious calories that come from mountains of beans, quinoa and peanut butter ;)

  • Sam Green commented Dec 8th 2011:

    Think you meant 'losing record'? Agreed with what your saying, you don't really need the 'strict strict resolve' to keep slow carb over Christmas anymore. You could see is as an experiment too :D

  • Maria Rider commented Dec 8th 2011:

    Hey, Beorn, if *I* were at my goal weight, you bet I'd take at least two, but it seems that Cheat Days nowadays, if I overindulge just make me feel all tired and bleah. So, while I do get in all my cheats and have no qualms about sticking to it the following week....if I overdue it, I just don't feel good the following day. I like how SCD has recompositioned my body to NOT want tons of carbs more than a day straight. :) Makes it promising for when I do get to my goal. :) I DO plan on incorporating a few carbs into my weekly meals(a little cheese, some bread here and there) but nothing major.

  • Maria Rider commented Dec 8th 2011:

    I'm actually not sad nor would miss pasta or rice if I never ate those two foods again. So, starches and bread would probably be my primary white carbs. Perhaps some fruit every once in a while, but I was not a big fruit eater to begin with, so...no biggie. :) I'd mostly incorporate dairy back into my diet(cheese mostly) and probably a little bread(maybe a tortilla for a wrap or taco shells for tacos. A sandwich....stuff like that) I wouldn't eat too many carbs everyday, but I plan on slowly introducing and tracking my weight during the week to see how each food affects the maintaining of the weight. Should be fun when I get to that point! :)

  • Maria Rider commented Dec 8th 2011:

    I think if I stick to 3 meals, don't snack at night(my biggest reason for my weight problem), or snack in-between....I should be good to go for the rest of my life in maintaining. :)

  • Gretchen Linden commented Dec 8th 2011:

    I've gotta chime in on this thread....I took an 11-day hiatus from "dieting" between my 1st 6 months (strict SCD) and my 2nd 6 months plan. That 11 days put 7 lbs on me. BUT...6 of them came off by the end of the first week. Those 11 days spanned a few days before my birthday to a couple days after Thanksgiving. I was a little scared that I would lose momentum pyschologically, but that is not at all what happened. By the time day 1 of Phase 2 came, I was relieved to be back to the foods that always leave me feeling good.

  • Gretchen Linden commented Dec 8th 2011:

    (con'td) It's individual of course, and SO important to really know oneself, but those 11 days were a real experiment for me, just like all those I did along the way while testing, tracking and tweaking SCD and tailoring it to ME, finding out what THIS body does with X or Y. No need to be panicked about a longer span of "cheating"...it's education, really....regarding your mind AND and your body!

  • Gretchen Linden commented Dec 8th 2011:

    And the reason I put the quotes around "dieting" is because this is definitely no longer a diet for me. It's THE WAY I EAT, with cheat days and resets and LIFE built in. ;)

  • Gretchen Linden commented Dec 8th 2011:

    PS...there's no way that a gain like mine of 7 lbs in 11 days is going to be actual FAT. We're so used to panicking or rejoicing at the scale that it is scary to think of a gain like that. That's good to some extent, but can be a problem too. The reason my experience was ALL good is that it was planned and deliberate. It was not at all a matter of "falling off the wagon". If you've watched me here through this, you will know that my profile says May 15, for 6 months to begin.


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Sounds like 2 meals on different days. Don't make the whole day into cheat days. Just make them 2 cheat meals. Plus you don't have to eat stuff just because it is there.

I make it a rule to refuse all free food. sorry girl who brings me cupcakes...

this is cool too

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