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20g per meal or 30g?

I am trying to just burn fat and thought that I had read in the book to do a minimum of 20g of protein per meal...but now I am reading that it is really 30g per meal.

So, which is it?


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The must for breakfasts is 30g in 30minutes of waking (not rising), which kickstarts your metabolism. The recommendation for other meals is a MINIMUM of 20g- which is just a guide since we all have different protein needs. One of the most crucial parts of the plan is getting 30g at breakfast.

  • JulieJ commented Jan 8th 2012:

    Sam, I keep getting confused. Takes me about 15 to 20 min to get the water down. Then I eat so is it 30 min after water? Or 30 min waking up?

  • Sam Green commented Jan 8th 2012:

    Nope, you should drink the water as soon as you get up,then prepare breakfast in the time after you've drank the water ( about 20 minutes) then have breakfast- you only need the water in you for twenty minutes before you have breakfast to achieve the metabolism 'boosting' effect ;)

  • Sam Green commented Jan 8th 2012:

    Sorry is that clear enough? I'll try and simplify the time schedule ( not trying to be patronizing or anything I just want to make it as clear/simple as possible =) )

    Step 1: wake up , don't lie in bed - get out of bed within 2 minutes of waking.

    Step 2: bathroom, weigh in ( 5 minutes after waking)

    Step 2: Drink the ice water.

    Step 3: Prepare breakfast (5-10 minutes after waking)

    Step 4: Eat breakfast ( 25-30 minutes after waking)

    Hope this helps!

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I have found in my experience that the more the better for morning protein...I try to get 80-100 grams of protein first thing in the morning. I really can tell after just a few days that this works because my new work shirts my boss got me started out kind of tight but are much looser. I also feel much better and eat less the rest of the day when I eat more protein in the morning...

  • HappyGranny commented Dec 30th 2011:

    Since 3 days I upped my morning protein from 30 to aprox. 60 grams. My breakfast is now 3 oz organic steak tartare, 3 whole organic eggs baked in Coconutoil, and 50 grams of Hemp Hearts. This makes a total of 60 grams of protein.

    This morning after doing this for two days I lost another kilo (2.2 lbs); and The past 3,5 weeks I lost 2,5 kilo (5.5 lbs). My total loss since December 5th is now 3.5 kilo (7.7 lbs). So it really works!!

    I am a 55 yr, 1.76 m (almost 5.8") woman with one kid (and 2 granddaughters..!!). My starting weight was 90.5 kilo (199.5 lbs): this morning 87 kilo (191.8 lbs).

    I am so happy with this result! I am going to post it somewhere else on this forum...


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