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Should I stop weighing myself? Scales are driving me nuts!

I usually weigh myself every few days or so, it's an addictive habit that I hate because if I'm up a pound or stayed the same it bothers me for the rest of the day or until it goes down again.. Like yesterday I weighed in at 150lbs, then before bed I was 147.5, then this morning 148.75, and I'm scared it could be the same or up tomorrow even.. It makes you feel like you need to eat less or exercise more that day. And also makes me paranoid I won't lose weight. So I'm thinking of stopping the weigh ins until christmas , maybe that would take a weight off my head..


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Yes, if it is driving you nuts and it determines your mood for the day, stop weighing yourself. The body is up to 60% water and the fluctations you see may have nothing at all to do with fat loss or muscle gain. Focus on your BEHAVIORS -- i e, are you sticking to your eating and exercise plans? If so, give yourself kudos for ALL OF THAT and forget the $#%#@! scale until you break that emotional habit.

Why be sad and driven batty by the good stuff you are doing for your health and your body??! Take care --


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Ha ha, that would definitely take the weight off... ;)

Seriously though, it will! Doing Occam's at the moment and have absolutely committes 100% to weighting myself only once a week. Otherwise I would drive myself mad thinking that I'm not gaining.

Also remember that it's important to track changes over a period of time. If you are up half a pound one day, you are certainly not going to change that (in the medium/long term) by doing more exercise or eating less that day!

Put the scales away until the morning of cheat day, even if that's 14 days away ;)


  • s joshua commented Dec 1st 2011:

    Couldn't have put it better, good answer. Track your weight once/week max, in a standard fashion for best results. Standard fashion meaning same time, same day, with close-to-identical variables, such as: On morning of cheat day, drinking 1L of water immediately upon waking, followed by a 30 minute wait before urinating and then weighing.

    I agree that cheat day mornings are the best time for measurements, since that is when you have followed the diet in a consistent manner for the longest period of time, and right before you are going to break that trend.

    If you track more often you are just seeing daily fluctuations that could be caused by what you ate, how much you slept, how much you exercised, how much water you drank, etc.

  • KenMoorhead commented Dec 1st 2011:

    Get a body tape measure and track your inches along with those pounds. I measure up 3x's a week and can see where the weight gets redistributed even when the sum at the scale doesn't change.

  • Cathieely Enter last name commented Dec 1st 2011:

    I thought you got up went to the bathroom and then weighed yourself wont that 1 liter of water add to your weight?

  • Beorn86 commented Dec 1st 2011:

    @cathieely, the point is not the litre of water, but the consistency in measurement brought on by the conditions under which you do it. For me it's get up, pee, weigh - just as an example.

  • Sam Green commented Dec 2nd 2011:

    Thank everyone, I agree- the reason I keep seeing irregular numbers and results is probably because I keep weighing myself on a non-consistent basis- like before bed, in the morning every day, or after cheat day, even a couple days after cheat day.. it all screws up my perspective.. which is that taking the lowest number I have seen and the highest I still have a loss of 7.5lbs in the last 2-3 weeks alone, and with cheat days and the 4lbs fluctuation everyone has it's no wonder the number is always changing..Even exercise makes you retain water in your muscles.. So I think I'll stop all the weigh ins for at least the next couple of weeks and focus on real results- based on what I look like and not a stupid number :)

  • Beorn86 commented Dec 2nd 2011:

    Good call! :)


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The answer is yes. Once a week on cheat day morning.


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The scale is the bane of my existence and the root of my unhealthiest habits. I go to the gym every day and weight myself before and after exercise. Sometimes even a third time between weight training and aerobic training. I've had to hide in a bathroom stall to cry in secret after getting off the scale. On more than one occasion. I've gotten some sideways looks for a "Seriously, scale???" uttered in total disbelief. I'll look at myself in the mirror, think I'm looking good, get on the scale, see weight gain, look back in the mirror and see fat. I. HATE. THE. SCALE.

  • Douglas Sheehan Douglas Sheehan commented May 25th 2012:

    It sounds as though you have to take it easy on yourself. What is your current body fat %? I think you should talk to someone. The comments you made don't sound healthy to me. Stay away from the scale, and every time you look in the mirror tell yourself how beautiful you are.

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