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tapioca not pudding

ok so i wanted to try the pudding recipe but couldnt find the chia seeds. so i saw instead in the whole food section small pearl Tapocia all natural. total fat 0 sat fat 0 sodium 0 Total carbs 10 sugar 0. it said on the back to add milk water sugar salt and vanilla.soooo....... I used unsweentened almond milk vanilla splenda instead of 1/2 cup sugar 2 egg whites cooked it in pan till it thickened and put it in fridge 30 min later had a cup yummy!!!! also sprinkled it with nutmeg ;)

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Oh no! Tapioca is basically all starch - it's a root like a potato, not something to have here unless it's on a cheat day!


The chia seeds are sold at places like Walgreens in the vitamin/supplement section (lowest shelf in Walgreens), but you can get them online for much cheaper normally. They were free at wags on black friday, I'm sorry you missed my post about that.

I didn't have much luck making them into pudding. I asked for help online at one forum, the answer I got from the resident vegan there was that basically eating the chia pudding was like snogging someone with an extreme cold. Then I hit up my vegan daughter for help, her immediate response was "well, I don't think I'll be much help. The only time I had it, it tasted like a bowl of warm snot." At least they have consensus. Having tried the chia fresca (chia seeds in cold lemon water), I can confirm that this is not the best recipe for trying to reduce the snot similarities.

I do however like them just fine sprinkled on salads or on top of soup, and didn't mind them in my coffee where the coffee flavor takes over.


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I think the general consensus is that Tapioca isn't SCD friendly. I haven't made the recipe you're talking to, but I think the whole point of the chia seeds is to get rid of the tapioca in the recipe. but glad it was yummy. Chia seeds in my store can be difficult to find- it's helpful to ask as the one's I've found come in a bag and aren't found near the nuts.

  • Cathieely Enter last name commented Nov 30th 2011:

    yea it was real good but i wont be eating that anymore glad to know before i ate anymore thanks :)

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