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Team Roll Call

Hi team-just testing out the Team Q&A feature.

How many of you are active on the site? What are your goals?

I've been thinking of recording a short audio about getting the right mind set on the SCD and posting it here for the team (for team members only).

Would this be helpful to any of you?

so I guess anyone can see this even if they're not in the team. That'd be cool if only team members could see it.

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This site (and the support of others, seeing others support eachother) was really the reinforcement I needed to get through all the random quirks and Q&A I ran into. Honestly, 4HB is the easiest thing I've ever done. In 3 months I've lost 30 pounds, and most remarkably, 4.5" off my waist. Yeah!!!

If it wasn't for this forum, I probably would have hit my head against the book over and over for the answers to some of my questions early on. Now, if I have a questions, it's probably already answered on the site and I'm good to go.

  • justin commented Nov 22nd 2011:

    awesome possum.


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I'm sure the audio would be helpful to a lot of people.

Regarding the Team Q&A feature, does that mean that anyone can also respond, or is the thread read-only for people you have not recruited?

  • 42Wired commented Nov 22nd 2011:

    If I go to "Edit Account" I can leave the team (and presumably form my own).

  • 42Wired commented Nov 22nd 2011:

    So I guess leaving a team is a one-way deal, and the only way to get on to someone's team is to be recruited when you first create an account. I guess once you are a coach, you're stuck being a coach.

  • Dana W commented Nov 22nd 2011:

    i wanna be on your team ;(

  • Dana W commented Nov 23rd 2011:

    Ok. I feel better now

  • justin commented Nov 22nd 2011:

    looks like anyone can respond. Do you have the option to leave the team and join a different one or more than one?

  • justin commented Nov 22nd 2011:

    I don't have that option. : ( what if I want to join someone's team. : )

  • justin commented Nov 22nd 2011:

    Once you leave, you probably have the option to join another.

  • justin commented Nov 22nd 2011:

    @ElizaCat go to top right by your login >edit account> edit team>leave team>see what happens if you have the option to join another team. :P


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apparenly i am on team 4hb superheroes..... can i be on both teams?? just one?

  • 4HourBod commented Dec 28th 2011:

    you can switch to any team under your settings. 4hour bud is just default catch all team. So switch away, But yes one team at the time....

  • justin commented Nov 22nd 2011:

    Just one as it seems. (And thanks for answering the question whether or not non-team members could answer team questions.)


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Do it by all means. We are realizing bunch of videos for our other site People we have been showing it find it very useful. We have extended challenges so they can now take video (vimeo and youtube) in addition to images.

You can see some examples here:

I guess audio can be served too directly or as video with image/s. Let me know if you need some help, I would love if you and few other guys test out this new stuff before we give ti to wider audience.

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