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Anybody gone Paleo?

I've been doing the SCD for 5 weeks now and have been having stomach problems after eating the beans. It doesn't seem to matter what type - I cook them myself and make black, white, and lentils. They make me feel bloated and gassy - my stomach was best on my Saturday cheat day this week when I had yoghurt, fruit, and everything but beans.

I've done the Paleo diet in the past and am going to try to merge the SCD with Paleo - having a cheat day once a week, but eating a little bit of fruit during the week and taking out the beans. Has anybody else tried this?

I'm also not thrilled with my results on the SCD - both weight-wise and how I feel. My energy levels have been lower, my stomach has been upset, and I have only lost about 4 lbs.


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I haven't had a bean in 5 months. But I haven't had fruit either except as a cheat meal.

I would try it first without the beans for a week or two before you add the fruit and see how that goes.

If you find yourself needing more energy I'd up the protein.

If you do add fruit at some point you could consider trying food combing principles. Such as only eating fruit in the morning or eating fruit alone as a meal or 30 minutes before meals. Or only after you workout. I do think you'll have better results without the fruit, but this method may be an option to consider.

How much damage and weight gain are you doing on cheat day? How is your strictness to the rest of your diet besides beans?

  • ajhutchins commented Nov 22nd 2011:

    Thank you so much for your answer! I've been strict during the week in terms of the foods themselves (not cheating) but I know that I haven't been eating enough protein in the morning.

    I have done the paleo diet in the past, but I was eating too much fruit and my results were minimal. I had an apple this morning as part of the new regime - then had my eggs about half an hour later. I will only have one piece of fruit a day, if that, and will stick to the lower sugar options.

    I like the idea of the cheat day on paleo - part of my problem with it was the strictness - and that was part of the appeal of the SCD.

    How much weight have you lost in the 5 months you've been bean free? :)

  • Lexi dogon commented Nov 22nd 2011:

    i totally made those black bean brownies and they ROCK for emergency sugar cravings...just beans, eggs, cocoa, and some xlitol , and a bit of nut butte ...... justin, what is it you do now that you would not recommend??? lol...are u stlll losing?

  • ajhutchins commented Nov 23rd 2011:

    Justin - that's amazing that you've lost so much weight! I have about 35 lbs that I want to lose - I'm cheating this week as a transition and Thanksgiving, but I'm going to try this Paleo/SCD combo starting Sunday.

    For the most part my sweet tooth has disappeared. I eat sweet stuff on my cheat day just to make sure I don't start craving it too much during the week. The black bean brownies were more for the chocolate taste and variety than sweetness:)

  • justin commented Nov 22nd 2011:

    I lost a total of around 95 lbs of fat from last October to about March. I didn't have any beans/lentils in March either. Don't forget about lentils those are a good option. If you stall without beans/lentils I'd try adding lentils for a week then dropping them again. I haven't had beans or lentils though. Also the first time I tried SCD about 2 years ago I didn't lose anything and I believe it was from the fruit because the no fruit option wasn't clear in my head from Tim's blog post. When I'm cutting fat on SCD w/o beans&lentils&fruit I'll lose at least 5 lbs a week. Usually when I start a cut it's 10 lbs of weight the first week because of water weight too. But don't compare yourself to me. I do a few other things now I wouldn't recommend.

  • justin commented Nov 22nd 2011:

    also I'd stay away from those brownies you had the other day. : )

  • justin commented Nov 22nd 2011:

    there were 3 things I was thinking of when I wrote that. But the main is I follow leangains intermittent fasting protocol with the above diet. I'm maintaining weight but cutting bf%. But if you don't have the sugar cravings under control or self control it can backfire.

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