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New Member: I was doin' it wrong.

Hello all!

This is my first week on the slow carb diet, but I love it!

I feel spoiled by the diet since I've been fitness/health conscious for the past 6-7 years, and now realize that I've been doing too much cardio and not enough lifting.

I've never been toned and have never had a low bf %, so that's what my main focus is now :)


When I started being more health-conscious, I was a 156 lb girl and am 5' 6.5".

By cutting calories (to around 600-900 almost purely on oatmeal/chicken/veggies) and running almost 7 days a week, I dropped to around 118-120 lbs a couple of years ago. I know now that this is not very healthy.

Then I went through some life changes (breaking up, moving, reorganizing my life) and gained back about 23 lbs.

I got back on the wagon recently and I'm down to around 135 lbs now and 26.5% body fat.

Before this diet, I was at a weight-loss plateau even though I was running on the elliptical (medium intensity) 6 days a week for 45 minutes and was only consuming 1200 calories a day.

I was really feeling frustrated by my lack of progress.

I did some weight training, but now I realize that I was doing too much cardio, wasn't getting enough protein in my diet, and was eating way too many carb-rich foods.

Since I've started, I've been faithful to the SCD, have stopped doing cardio, and have picked up some of the exercises.

I've been hovering over the forum for the past week or so and have been learned SO much from all of the discussion.

I'm still learning and tweaking, but I can already feel a difference. :)

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Let us know how this works - I want to know if you end up feeling that reducing the cardio worked for you!

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