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Do you see a difference???

I have a picture of myself from May 2011 (red sports bra) - and then the other picture in the black

is from Nov. 6th ( 5-6 months later )

tell me- do you see a difference???? i don't think i have really lost lbs.... but hoping there has been change in my abs ..:s ... arms look better, but also maybe i was flexing more? i have no idea. ahahah ...anyway, my changes are clearly minimal. i am 130lb at 5'4"...started in early April at 135 lb

thanks y'all :D


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I thought the before was the after before I opened the after! But the after is even better. You look awesomeeee.

I pictured you being WAY bigger than this from how you describe yourself! I guess all women kinda subconsciously talk shit on themselves though, me included. But your body is sick! And you don't look like you have far to go at all. Now throw away your almond butter ;)

  • goodmonsters commented Nov 20th 2011:

    Hahaha, I did too. You all look amazing.

  • Lexi dogon commented Nov 21st 2011:

    hahaha and peanut butter....oh WOW you are all too kind, for realz....blushing... of course i feel like a hippo today due to cheatday! ahha but it was oh so glorious!!

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Hey :)

You definitely look leaner, particularly around the hips and your biceps are looking more defined! Weight training FTW! I do love muscles >:-(

What is your goal? Have you considered doing the last mile? It seems to me that you don't have far to go (if anywhere at all) so if you want to see continued results I would try the last mile. I am in the same place as you and really only have mayyyyybe 5 or 10 to lose and I finally bit the bullet this week and trying the last mile, will let you know how it goes!

  • Maria Rider commented Dec 5th 2011:

    You can possibly do a combination of The Last Mile and SCD...I am pondering doing this when I get close to the end of my weight loss journey. Yeah, it may be slower, but if it will work to get that last few pounds off, then, good! :) I'm gonna be doing full SCD each week until I find my body won't lose anymore. SO, I am kinda hoping it just keeps going until the end, then, I won't have to go to TLM. :)

  • Dana W commented Dec 6th 2011:

    LOL ... So poetic.

  • Lexi dogon commented Nov 16th 2011:

    so many people have told me NOT to do the last mile. honestly.... it;s frustrating because i am at about 22-24% or somsething like that.... goal would be 17-18... that would be fantastic!!! 18%!!!! ahhah.... shall i try last mile??? i am off to sunny florida mid-December so being leaner and having better defined abs would be such a win!!!1 maybe ill do last mile for 10 days before i leave??? so in early december... it's going to be ROUGH i am sure...yikes

  • TeaLove commented Nov 17th 2011:

    I would do it and it is only as hard as we make it :) I have been at it for 2 or 3 days now and it seems pretty easy, I even went out for sushi last night and had delicious sashimi and a lovely green salad...I had some almonds in my bag to meet the fat requirement.


    Or just try SCD with no legumes first.

  • justin commented Dec 5th 2011:

    To quote the lovely @elizacat "How can you do scd without beans. Then don't you technically lose the 'slow carb' part of it?"


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A bit of a difference in your leanness for sure.


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All the links worked for me.

You were pretty toned and looking good to begin with so I wouldn't be surprised if you can't see a massive difference :) Did you take any measurements?

  • LikkleNitty commented Nov 17th 2011:

    Worryingly my chest has gone down too.. in cup size! /duh-duh-duhhhhh (that's my dramatic doom noise btw).

  • LikkleNitty commented Nov 18th 2011:

    ahh yes, back fat >.< i find push-ups remedy that, and lat pull downs. although I'm prone to getting man shoulders. not attractive

  • Lexi dogon commented Nov 16th 2011:

    yes i did take measurements...honestly, my chest went down a bit, but waist and hips so minimal.... i think half an inch on the waist...i will have to check what i had written down. Butt= NO change... bahhhh.. i was blessed/cursed with junk in the trunk.... it doesnt go but i squat heavy o its not a flabby :D

  • TheIronWil commented Nov 16th 2011:

    I got stuck trying to find something between the 2 pics you looked great before and after, I did notice your bicep shot looked more confident in the after pic however.

  • Lexi dogon commented Nov 16th 2011:

    so no difference in your opinion :( haha more confidence, how interesting

  • Lexi dogon commented Nov 17th 2011:

    haha im happy for my chest to go down a bit, believe it or just means i'll look smaller overall!!! and that i am losin back fat

  • Lexi dogon commented Nov 19th 2011:

    i do not have small shoulders..but they aren't flabby at least!!!



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You look great!!! You don't need to lose anymore IMO!!! ;)

  • Lexi dogon commented Nov 21st 2011:

    too kind. too kind ;S


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You look great, keep up the good work! By the way only the last link worked for me.

  • Jason Walker Jason Walker commented Nov 16th 2011:

    They are working now. Can definitely see the improvement in definition. I think you are definitely at a stage where doing the last mile might benefit you. At the very least perhaps only have beans at your morning meal? Getting down the last few percentages of body fat is not easy. I am going through the same now.

  • Sam Green commented Dec 4th 2011:

    I think you can still have avocado because of the highly ketogenic nutrient ratio? As in it's mostly all fat and you're gonna be burning mainly fat for fuel doing the last mile.. I think it's only in one meal though, I have 1/4 avocado most dinners and I'm doing more keto than 'slow carbs'.. Although do eat beans at lunch after workouts :)

    You look so great by the way, great definition on your hips!

  • Lexi dogon commented Dec 13th 2011:

    ah yes- re-read it!! been doing the nuts and alm butter and eating every 3 hrs or so!!!!

  • Lexi dogon commented Nov 16th 2011:

    hmm weird

  • Lexi dogon commented Nov 16th 2011:

    i made them all publicly viewable

  • Lexi dogon commented Nov 17th 2011:

    ughhh so hard!!! so last mile= no carrots, no tomatoes, no avocado, no almonds, almond milk, alm butter, no ( or minimal) beans...anything else i am missing?? i am going to want to stab a cake at some point! lol

  • justin commented Dec 5th 2011:

    you can still have almonds and almond butter. you need nuts with most meals. read the chapter if you haven't : )


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Wow, not like you needed to do this in the first place?! You look awesome!

And I don't think you are over 20% bf...

  • Lexi dogon commented Dec 13th 2011:

    how kind! lol... i want ABS of steel...well, tighter abs at least, lol... and i somehow AM over 20% ...i see definition, but the stupid scale thingy says 26% ...ugh... i think i need to re-do it BEFORE i eat and see if there's a difference


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The link isn't working ;(.


  • Allen3373 commented Nov 16th 2011:

    Those links are for files on your computer. You need to upload them somewhere online, then link to the internet address (URL).

  • JJJ commented Nov 16th 2011:

    I want to see!!!! Upload them to flickr or photobucket.

  • Lexi dogon commented Nov 16th 2011:

    relinked haha

  • Lexi dogon commented Nov 16th 2011:

    shud work..??

  • Lexi dogon commented Nov 16th 2011:

    thanks peeps Doh!!!!

  • Lexi dogon commented Nov 16th 2011:

    ok i didi it, was apprehensive bc didnt really want a flickr account with half dressed

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