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Week 2 - Occam's Protocol

Hey guys,

Today was my 2nd week on occam's protocol, workout A.

I must stress that I was sick for the past 3 days and therefore I dont quite know how much my muscles managed to repair since friday, but I didnt want to do gym on monday, so I did it today...

Anyway, the scale shows 3lbs more. Yay! But I'm almost positive some of it is fat, because I can notice it in the mirror quite easily (mostly around hips).

My supinated close-grip pulldown went from 10x 80lbs to 8x 90lbs.

My shoulder press went from 7x 28lbs to 6x 32lbs.

For the shoulder press, I first tried with the 38lbs, but there was no way in hell I could lift it... strange... so I lowered it to where I thought I could complete the exercise, and that was 32lbs. I blame sickness for this!

Anyway, I feel no soreness today, compared to the first time I did the workout A. But that's normal I guess, only the first workout should cause some serious soreness.

To sum it up... I did progress, and gained some weight, some of it must be muscle! :-)

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