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Do you need to do the "Damage Control" indications on Cheat Day?

Hello, In the first Chapter, under "Rapid Fat Loss" Tim doesn't tell you to read the "Damage Control" chapter. So I thought that there was no need to follow them on my weekly cheat day.

Is it really necessary?


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It comes down to how happy you are with your results. My first month on this diet I didn't do any damage control on cheat day and I still lost a significant amount of weight. I was very pleased. On my 5th week of the diet I did the damage control and even though it isn't much to do to get better results, I really enjoyed my cheat day a lot more without thinking about any diet protocol. As long as I continue to hit my goals and are happy with results, I will not be following the cheat day damage control. If a plateau comes my way and results stagger, the first thing I will be doing is implementing the damage control. It really all comes down to your results and adjusting accordingly until your goals are reached.


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I've been on the diet a little over 3 months. I've lost 31 pounds and I go hog wild on cheat day. If there's an all you can eat pancake fundraiser in town, they are fixing to lose money. For lunch I will eat a half a box of cheez-its with a double cheeseburger. Supper may be a chinese buffett. The evening consists of ice cold adult beverage and moose tracks ice cream. My cheat day has become the stuff of legends. Its the reason I love this diet!

  • manuela commented Oct 31st 2011:

    Sounds great - but how much do you gain after cheat and do you do damage control? Impressive weight loss :)

  • Kaitlyn329 commented Jan 27th 2012:

    You go Wingtcoach!! That is great! And you can always cut back if you plateau at some point but certainly no need to with your current progress. I love it!


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my experience 1st two cheat days I did the 90 sec exercises, PAGG, cinnamon and yerba mate and gained 1.5 lbs the next day.

next 2 cheat days I did nothing but PAGG. I gained about 4 lbs on those 2 days.

Last Sat I did the exercises, PAGG, cinnamon, yerba mate and added lemon juice before meals and a 20 min ice bath. lost .5 lbs the next day.

You don't need to do anything. It's up to you.

  • Member commented Apr 20th 2011:
    20 min ice bath?? Really??? :-o
  • justin commented Apr 20th 2011:
    You'll notice Tim did an ice bath in the book example of his cheat day as well following a big workout. The workout and ice bath probably had more effect than anything else he mentions in the damage control chapter.


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Personally, I don't. Tim doesn't tell you to. Damage control is for unplanned binges. I lost plenty of fat without it. Tim phrases Cheat Day as "Taking one day off per week." The only thing you really need to monitor is your water intake.

Do it if you want, but it's not necessary, you'll still lose the weight without it.


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I agree with Johnny on this one. I really enjoy throwing out rules and not worrying about the damage control on my cheat days. I use it for situations when I am going to go outside the SCD during the week to avoid any significant setbacks. I have no issues with this approach because while I have gained what seems to be considerable weight on that day, I am back at a weight loss within 48 hours. Could my results be faster going with damage control? Possibly maybe even probably, but my consistancy and desire to continue would drop which in the long run is far more important.


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I tend to do the damage control method if I go on a Cheat night/half a day. I don't really do a whole day of cheating. During the morning I eat very clean, with loads of protein and some good fats and I will take AGG supplement stack this day and the next. Before I start the munch fest, i have a glass of grapefruit juice and a large strong coffee and also some yoghurt.

During the cheat period, I drink coffee and have a few energy drinks like monster (which I do love to have on cheat days, so win win haha) because the caffeine content.

This is how I do my damage controls and my body fat % never increases, in fact i dropped from 8.6% to 8% last week when doing it.


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Damage Control is really important for your cheat day, if you want to keep all that stuff you put down your throat off your body. 60-90 second squats/wall presses/extensions before-&-or-after a meal, lemon juice or grapefruit juice in water, cinnamon, coffee, lots and lots of water.

One cheat day I thought I was doing some damage control, and I gained back 3lbs. Now with staying on top of everything, I've only gained back 1.5lb at the most.

Stick to Damage Control, you'll be thankful in the long run ;)

  • spadeyyz commented Aug 29th 2011:

    I feel the same way. It's psychological. Helps put the mind at ease.

  • alfonso24 commented Feb 8th 2011:
    Thank you. I tried it on my last cheat day and the best thing was the psychological effect. I felt much better about Cheat day and I even think I ate less!


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I really would do at least the grapefruit juice and some squats etc before and after eating. Being active on that day (I have found) really really helps. While not necessary --- you will lose anyway--- I personally believe it really speeds things up, plus I feel way less gross that day and the day or two after if I do the squats etc and eat the SCD breakfast.

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