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My first Occam's Workout!

Hey ppl,

This was my first day of Occam's.

The diet was fine. Normal SCD. I only added sphagetti to one of my meals today, will add to a second lunch tomorrow also. (maybe integral, I'll think about it)

Anyway, here I was in the gym, determining the weights... And just when that 1 minute to increase my weight passes, some bald buffed guy comes along and says: JUST ONE QUICKY, OKAY? Right... like I could say NO to that mass. So, I think I managed okay afterall...

Determined my weights, it turned out I gotta do 80lbs at 5/5 cadence at the first A workout (close grip supinated pull). I did 10 of them! After that, I got off that thing and dropped dead. I was literally lying on the floor like a dead cat.

I didnt exercise for 3 months, and I must say I've never had such an intense exercise in my whole life. Wow... my muscles started screaming at the 7th rep, but I did 3 more (that's 30 seconds more).

Anyway... second exercise went much easier, I've no clue why though... but I'm sure I added the correct weight because i was struggling to complete that last (7th) rep.

Will see how it goes next time :)

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Hi zannix, quick update on my progress!

I have added starch (quinoa) to my meals on the day of the gym AND the day after, but my weight is still not going up as quickly as i'd like.

I think, if I have not gained this week, i'll eat quinoa every day at each meal.

On the bright side, my definition is improving all the while so i'm *hoping* that my little weight gain means i'm burning some fat as well (i'm rigidly sticking to SCD while doing occam's , no cheat or moderation foods except for a half cheat day with damage control every 8-10 days).

Also going to start PAGG for one month in about 2 weeks, cannot wait. Had to get them all separately because of the cost :/

Good luck with occam's!


  • zannix commented Nov 11th 2011:

    I'll see my weight on tuesday. If it didn't improve by at least 2lbs, I'm going to add a 1L milk/day. If that doesn't work, I don't know what will :D

    Anyway, doing bench press today, and I've never done incline/decline bench press, only regular... but I should be able to do regular as well, don't you think? I mean he advises incline/decline only as a measure of precaution... Although I think I should get a spotter... pushing to your limits on a bench press... can end badly xD

  • Beorn86 commented Nov 11th 2011:

    4HB says 'start with 2-10 exercises per session, no more'. I've added one exercise to both A and B so I think you can add bench press if you want to.

    Haha, definitely you need a spotter for that! Unless you're gym has a smith(?) machine...

  • zannix commented Nov 13th 2011:

    Just an update, yeah I did the bench press the other day... without a spotter, and yes - It ended up badly!!!!!! At the 7th rep, I was pushing that fcking thing with all I had, and I managed to lower one end of it on the proper place, but didnt have enough strength left in my left arm to lower it properly, so it practically went over my neck, started to choke! lol.

    Good thing someone saw me and helped me get out of that mess. I had a good laugh anyway. And the whole gym also. lol

    Dont ever do bench press on occam's... without a spotter:P

    I'm going dip machine next time! xD


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Thanks for sharing your experience! It looks like Occam's is going to be a fun ride for you :)!

Keep up the hard work!



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AWESOME! Interested to see what kind of results Occam's renders for you :D


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Hi there,

I'm thinking of starting Occam's in the next few weeks. Just wondering if you would mind sharing your experiences?



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