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Team page and few more goodies

OK guys, some new code is out, run for cover!

We had a coding blast, fixed a bunch of small bugs you guys reported and added a new "team page" we promised a long time ago.

How does it work?

1. People that have helped a lot of members have been awarded a status of "The Coach"

2. Others can join their team if they like them and they believe they can help them with their goals

3. Any time you recruit a new member into the site, they automatically become a member of your team.

Why teams?

People have been asking about it in many forms, and we promised it long time ago. It is a way to group people with similar goals, body types, age groups, location, etc... together.

Whose team am I on?

You can see a link to your team on your profile page.

Can I change teams?

Yes, just browse to the team page and click 'Join our team' button in the upper right-hand corner. If you don't see the button, the Coach has closed their team to new members.

How can I become a Coach and start my own team?

You have to help at least 25 people on the site and send an email to feedback (at), (page is coming soon...) include username or email.

Is that it?

No, have fun teaming up and stay tuned for the next release.


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Also, we cleaned up the profile page a bit, hope you guys like it! More fun stuff on the way...Keep sending us your thoughts, comments, and bugs so we can continue improving things for everyone!

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I haven't seen any member intros/new members to recruit since the Teams have been added.

But I've seen 4HourBod and Yes recruit a few new members. Have they been moved somewhere or is the recruiting feature been removed?

  • 4HourBod commented Dec 20th 2011:

    It is there, I come in every day or two and approve everybody that looks normal so people don't wait for too long.

  • 4HourBod commented Dec 20th 2011:

    2 of them just applied:

    2100_Crazyness and Patzzz7

    Can you see them?

  • justin commented Dec 20th 2011:

    No. I don't see them. I've seen you and yes recruit people while I've been on too.

  • 4HourBod commented Dec 21st 2011:

    OK will check it out, that does not sound right.

  • s joshua commented Dec 27th 2011:

    Ditto to this, FYI. so it isn't just a @Justin issue.

  • 4HourBod commented Dec 28th 2011:

    Ok guys try it now. I think I mingled it back into functionality.

  • justin commented Dec 28th 2011:

    see them.

  • justin commented Dec 28th 2011:

    so I see them again and it works to recruit them to the site. But not specific team. as far as I can tell.

  • Sam Green commented Dec 29th 2011:

    It hasn't specified to me which team my recruits are going into either..


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Heya. I am a newbie here and I start my SCD on Sunday. I got a message to say someone added me to their team but when i came to the site there is no one of that name? I still don't know if I am on a team and was wondering if it's because I am in the UK ?


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I'm new here. I started SCD 2 weeks ago and joined this site last week.

I just want to say thank you for all the work you've put into this site. It's been such a great resource and cyber-environment.

I live in a very isolated part of the world and having online support has been such a blessing!


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