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Lost weight and inches... except belly

Oh, I'm such a spoiled brat. I've lost weight and I've lost inches, I look more streamlined than I used to [*happy dance], and this after only two weeks. Yet the only thought that's running around in my head is how I've lost ABSOLUTELY NO BELLY FAT.

I've much more room in the legs and seat of my pants but the waist has not changed. At all. And it's freaking me out a little.

Let me confess: I've been doing push-ups and air squats, 3x15 reps 2 times daily, but not the 6 min ab routine. Too chicken to start in case that doesn't work...

So... I would appreciate a good peptalk and/or a firm yet gentle kick in the (definitely slimmer) bum. Thanks! =)


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Well done on your inches lost!

Bear in mind that there is a misconception that you can target specific areas of fat on your body to lose. Your body doesn't think, "Yes.. that bit's unsightly, I'll get rid of that bit first". It gradually takes fat from all over your body, shrinking your existing fat cells. There's fat inside you too, the stuff that you can't see.

You can tighten the muscles underneath the subcutaneous fat but it doesn't necessarily mean that the fat over the top will disappear also in a uniform manner.

I think you need less than 15% body fat for your abs to become "visible".. Check out LauraCox's sexy abs.

I'd hate to put a downer on things, but the belly is usually the last to go. Mine still jiggles a bit.. :'(

This doesn't mean you can neglect that jelly belly! - do crunches, do the cat vomit, do the plank. Don't do too many either, otherwise you'll just tire yourself physically and mentally. Once you pull those muscles in, you should look trimmer!

When I'm walking about, I hold it all in using by doing what I call the "standing cat vomit".

  • Beorn86 commented Nov 4th 2011:

    I've had a similar problem with love handles - I stored a lot of fat during a period of massive weight gain, and it's coming off proportionally (not good) to the rest of my body. Definitely recommend vom cat also, pulls in your abs a great deal!

  • LikkleNitty commented Nov 4th 2011:

    Fat stores are great for winter.. or if you're a penguin or a creature that hibernates :)

    I wish I could hibernate.

  • Nienke commented Nov 4th 2011:

    Thanks LikkleNitty and Beorn86, for reassuring me! I started to think (after just two weeks mind you, even I am shaking my head at myself) that I'm the ooooooooooonly person in the world whose belly will stay firmly pot. Put. Whatever.

    Will start the vom cat today and keep you posted!

  • Maria Rider commented Nov 4th 2011:

    I will agree with the others. Sadly, burning fat does not discriminate and you lose fat elsewhere. Just keep it going and get to about 15-18% body fat...then I suspect that pesky belly fat will eventually lessen. Keep on going! What does your bodyfat % look like now?

  • Nienke commented Nov 12th 2011:

    Hi Akane, sorry for my late reply... I'm guessing as to bodyfat% based on the photos in Tim's book - a little fatter than 25% but not quite 30%. Around 27, 28% I think. Today was measurement day and oh boy was I bummed out: I lost no weight and only 0,6 inches in the waist. I followed the diet pretty strictly but have been eating nuts - not many, maybe just 1 tablespoonful every day, but I won't touch them this week and see if that makes a difference.

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I've been doing this for three weeks and am having the same problem! I can cross my legs more easily and my pants (even my skinnier ones) are looser in the legs, but my damn stomach is not going down. My brother is a trainer and always said that you lose fat from the extremities in - so I think it starts in the arms and legs, and gradually you lose in the middle. I just wish it were faster:)


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The belly fat will go, with or without the abs routine. But like others said, it may lag behind other areas or just not show up as dramatically. I despair sometimes of ever getting rid of the belly, until I look at the tape measure and it is slowly melting away. You've done really great for your first two weeks, and clearly your body composition is changing already. No kicking to be done -- far from it! Keep it up!

  • Nienke commented Nov 12th 2011:

    Thanks! As I've commented above - nothing much happened last week and I'm glad for the support from my fellow 4hrpeople, it makes a huge difference in staying with the program!

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