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30 days results

I have now completed my first 30 days on the Slow Carb Diet, which I have done strictly.

Well its hardly the claimed 20lbs in 30 days that's for sure,

Starting Weight: 88Kg

Ending Weight: 83.8Kg

Total loss is around 9lbs - which is I guess what you could manage on most diets.

broken down by weeks my results are

Week 1: 4.4

Week 2: 2.2

Week 3: 1.3

Week 4: 1.3

Of course I'm happy to have lost 9lbs and I look better.

In terms of Fat percent I don't have anything accurate, but my scales say I have gone from 25% to 24% (I think its rather better than that. Anyone fancy guestimating from the photos).

My main aim this month has been to reduce my blood pressure, which I have had some success with and plan to post a short article soon.



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20lbs was meant for very overweight people. 9lbs is good though! Im about the same weight as you and about to.stat Slow Carb again. Hope my progress is this good! :-)

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You look like you lost a hell of a lot more than 9 lbs! Perhaps you lost a lot of inches, I think so, and you look more toned! GREAT job!


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It might help also to take measurements, if you have not been doing so already. My fat loss has been greater than my actual total weight loss, as I have gained some lean weight. Another thought about the rate: I've done many diets over the years that have given me faster results in terms of weight loss. Always, I might add, with a rebound once I stopped. This time I'm going for reshaping my body for good -- and handling my blood pressure, sleep, energy, blood sugar (diabetes risk), fitness, and overall wellness as part of the package. ALL of it has been shifting for me, and that helps if ever my mind starts to go on about the speed at which I'm dropping. I don't expect to see those 16 pounds ever again. Hope you stay with it.

  • CynthiaK commented Nov 23rd 2011:

    I totally love why you're doing this diet --- it sounds like you're looking at the long-term solution and sustainable results rather than the short-term weight loss that comes with crash dieting/water weight.

    I've also done a lot of diets in the past, and this is definitely one that I can live with for a long time. Go us for aiming to reshape our bodies for good! :)

  • Bugzy commented Nov 27th 2011:

    Absolutely going for sustainable. Interestingly, I've discovered that our bodies will do their own recomposition -- we're wired to do it, we just need to help them by giving them what they need. Helps to know that I don't have to 'work hard at it', I just need to do my part and stop getting in the way.


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You have to watch the fat reading on your scales. I have the same thing and it can fluctuate as much as ten percent during a day. It is super high when first waking, and thus less hydrated. I now rely on measurements, and a body fat calc. I do use the scale measurement as a metric, once a week on cheat day. I drink one liter of water when I wake up, then weigh before I eat breakfast.


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May I ask, how tall you are? :)


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Yes, how tall are you and how much did you want to lose? Also, how old are you? (if you don't mind me asking) All those factors figure into how fast you lose the weight. Obviously the closer you are to your ideal weight(within 20lbs or less) the slower/less the weight loss. I have over 100 lbs to lose....in about 6 weeks(the 1st stage for women on SCD instead of the 4 weeks/30 days for men) I lost ALMOST 20lb, so, it does work. What did your meals look like for those first 30 days? There could be something you may have missed that could have slowed your weight loss considerably.

That being said, you look great! You definitely look more toned now. I think that's more important than the number on your scale. :) Keep it up!

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