Which is better: Fish Oil or Cod Oil?

I currently take Fish Oil pills with every meal for the omega-3 health benefits, and everything else that fish oil is purportedly good for.

However, after reading the 'Improving Sex' chapters, I wonder if it would make more sense to replace my basic Fish Oil pills (which I think is Salmon) with Cod Oil.


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The fermented cod liver oil was not recommended coz of omega-3 benefits. It was recommended because together with a vitamin rich butter fat it would have a good amount of 'Activator X', which aids in the production of testoesterone.

Where I'm from, getting the stuff tim recommended is quite expensive...I'm still looking for a viable alternative


That's why good quality supplements use beta carotene as the constituent for Vitamin A, as opposed to pure Vitamin A.

The body is able to automatically create Vitamin A from Beta Carotene and once the required amount has reached, excess beta carotene is expelled when you peepee

  • robnonstop commented May 10th 2011:
    I 2nd that, always use the inactive form as with Colecalciferol (D3). Too much Vitamin A is very tricky and takes long to get rid of, not worth the risk. Want a ton of ω-3 and a healthy balance to ω-6 (rare in todays oils), take a spoon of flaxseed.

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I read that there are concerns about the high level of Vitamin A in Cod liver oil at the recommended levels of EPA/DHA dosages for performance and health. High levels of Vit A can prove toxic and limit the availability of Vitamin D. I'm going with the fish oil.

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