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Some questions about 6-minute abs

Hello, at this moment I am almost reaching my first goal, gaining 10 kilo's. Now I am in my sixt week and at the moment I take four days in between the trainings to repair. The only thing is that my belly is getting bigger, but it is still quite ab-less. I don't wanna end up like Tinky Winki, terminator abs is all I'm asking for.

First of all I do the geek to freak protocol with Gomad. I train my abs during the training, so with 4 days rest. I think that's not enough for my abs, am I right?

I start with the myotatic crunch and ten three minutes break before starting to look like a nerd with the Cat Vomit. Is the 3 minute break nessecary? And how do I make the Cat Vomite better? More reps? At the moments I'm adding reps as hard as I can, but the results are not incredible.

And should I ad some exercises? Or maby do it more often? I am still looking for the right experiment with the maximum amount of abs with the minimum amount of time to spent. Any suggestions?


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I guess you've come across one of the most confusing topics with building muscle. Here's the catch, gaining muscle and losing fat are two different things. Preferably, you want to do one at a time instead of both at once, unless you're really careful about your diet and exercise regimen. Since you're bulking up, you're gaining mass. Whether you are gaining fat as well I cannot be the judge, because I do not know your body stats; however, if you began with a bulking phase, you're priming your body to gain as much muscle as it can with both the exercises you do and the food you intake (when you eat, when you workout, and how long you work out are all factors that affect progress as well). However, as you prime your body for muscle gain, unless you're strict, not all of your efforts will prompt just muscle gain, as your body is designed to do what it needs to keep your body in a state of homeostasis.

If you're bulking up, you're probably not losing THAT much fat. Don't get me wrong, it can be done, it's just a lot more of a challenge when you're trying to gain muscle (which requires high caloric intake), while losing weight (requires restriction of caloric intake). Unless you feed your body at appropriate times, you will miss the target. So, I wouldn't worry about muscle definition as of yet. Gain muscle, and if it happens that you gain some fat, who cares. After your bulking phase, you probably want to go on a more stringent diet to cut calories. Everyone has abs, but most people focus on increasing the size of their abs, even though the major issue is to target the fat that sits on top of them. If you want terminator abs, work on the fat, not the muscle. Hope that helps! Best of luck.


  • Beorn86 commented Oct 21st 2011:

    Hi Jones. I'm one of those people who's trying to feed at the appropriate times at the moment i'm doing SCD, and SCD plus starch on gym days only, with a protein shake (24g protein) directly after the gym). Does that sound about right..?

  • Nillow commented Oct 23rd 2011:

    Wow, there's a pro talking! Thank you for this clear and detailed answer. And yesterday I reached my first goal, even faster than I could dream of! The world is unfair. At the moment I plateaued a little bit, so I do have to consume more calories, so no ripped abs the next weeks. And I have become so enthusiastic of the results that I want to take it to the next level. The caloric loading was hard for me, because I didn't know anything about proper nutrition or carbs. I was bulking my whole life and still stayed skinny. I have to learn more about nutrition and will read the other chapters. Again thank you very much for this answer.

  • Beorn86 commented Oct 23rd 2011:

    Thanks jones, having a big meal about an hour after alright so that's good. Seeing very positive results on both muscle gain and fat loss so i think it's working! Cheers for that.

  • Minnesota commented Oct 21st 2011:

    That sounds about right. When trying to accomplish both goals at once it's important to remember that the most important part of your diet is the before and after meals of your workout. Before meals should have enough complex carbs to get you through the workout with adequate intensity. After meals should contain simple carbs along with the appropriate amount of protein to stimulate proper muscle repair. You also want a large portion of your calories in your after meal. An hour or so after your workout is when your body is most willing to absorb nutrients. The more calories you can funnel into the reparation of yor muscles, the bigger the gains. Hope that helps!


  • Minnesota commented Oct 24th 2011:

    No problem. Good luck to you both!

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