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Way to designate veterans' answers vs newbies'?

I'm wondering if members' names could be tagged with something that shows how long we've been part of this site, or how long we've been doing SCD (or The Last Mile, Occam's, etc.) I see a lot of newbies answering questions recently, and while I definitely love their enthusiasm and willingness to help, I wonder if it's a little risky in terms of the reliability of the information they're passing along. I know that this sounds a little rude, as I read it, but I'm not sure how to express it. I suppose what I mean is that it would be nice if folks reading replies to their questions could know if their answer is coming from one with personal experience or not.


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I've seen other fora implement site-themed ranks. If this site implemented a ranking system, I would want it to be based on number of people helped (the orange box in your profile, if you have one).

Maybe there could be some sort of small badge-like insignia after or under the user name, depending on how many people the user has helped. Or maybe rank from 0 to 5 stars (or kettlebells?) after or under the user name.

  • 4HourBod commented Oct 25th 2011:

    I like that, will talk to laura to design something in one of these days.

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“Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.” ~Buddha

  • roboMarco commented Oct 25th 2011:

    Sorry buddha, based on your before and after photos you are last person I want to ask how to stay fit. I don't believe you and my common sense say you are full of it. :P Most of the fat people reason and common sense got them where they are to start with:


  • 4HourBod commented Oct 25th 2011:

    @roboMarco troublemaker :)


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Maybe just in the intro email or something asking folks to call themselves new to the site for the first few weeks?

When I joined, I tried to answer questions as a newbie, with things like "I'm a total newbie and..."

The GREAT thing about newbies is many are FRESH from reading the book and are not adding a bunch of tweaks they've picked up so can call others back to basics so to speak. No reason to tweak if not following the bare bones basics for the first several weeks, right?

Also, veterans could just have a sort of siggie line of something like "in week 8 on SCD" and so forth.



  • Dana W commented Oct 19th 2011:

    Agreed. Maybe every one can just make an effort to start their answers 'scd 6 weeks...'. Etc. Seems easy enough.

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