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Fat intake

Is anyone managing their fat intake of 4hb? I like to use oilive oil and I know fat is essential, but the book didn't really say how much to use or how little to use. Just curious.

Thanks for your help!


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I'm 5'4.5" female, 20 y/o, at about 128 lbs and 20%bf (?? maybe I need to get it done again). I eat around 1800 calories a day and around 120-130 g of fat. I never go below 100g unless I didn't eat that day because I was sick or on drugs or some other insurmountable circumstance that would prevent me from doing so.

I DO NOT believe in eating low fat. Humans have eaten a high fat diet full of animal fats for all time up until about 40 years ago. They hunted animals, expending a great deal of energy, and didn't waste a damn thing when they actually caught one. No trimming of meat, no scary ass butter substitutes, no skim milk, no nasty vegetable oils, no low fat chemical laden fruit-flavored sludge in plastic cups.

Eating low fat is unnatural and unhealthy, the creation of industry-driven psuedoscience and profit-seeking innovations in fake food. Humans are evolved to eat animals and plants, and plenty of fat. Humans who did not thrive on this diet were gradually selected out over 10,000 years of steady evolution, just as happens with all other animals. No one would apply the nutritionally insane arguments to other animals that they do to humans; if an animal evolved to eat grasses, it should eat grasses, if it evolved to eat termites, let the thing eat termites, it will not do better on textured vegetable protein because fat content of the late instar nymphs is too high.

That was kind of a rant, I laugh a little reading it, but don't worry about how much fat you eat. Worry about protein, carbs, and industrial waste.

  • Dana W commented Oct 18th 2011:

    where do you get so much fat from? Just meat and butter/oil? I guess since i dont eat meat i dont get that much? maybe i should eat more BUTTER! miss my bagels :(

  • JJJ commented Oct 19th 2011:

    I eat about a tablespoon or two of pastured butter each day, and beyond that, yes it's the meat and whole eggs. I love burgers without buns topped with an egg fried in butter. Cheese is a domino food for me (actually more of a nuclear apocalypse heroin withdrawal food) so the fried egg with a runny yolk is a yummy substitute.

    And I miss buttery buttery bagels too! I have one almost every cheat day, along with almond croissants...salivating =-3

  • JoyMc commented Oct 19th 2011:

    yummm.termites. :)

  • Jason Walker Jason Walker commented Oct 19th 2011:

    I too consume a lot of fat, and I find some of my best day to day weight loss comes after a day of bun less burgers, butter, etc.

  • kiki commented Oct 19th 2011:

    thanks for all the great feedback everyone. i'm sticking to two tablespoons of olive oil per day and will see how i weigh nest week. thanks for answering my question!!

  • Jason Walker Jason Walker commented Oct 19th 2011:

    I should qualify my comment by saying that I don't really consume beans anymore, so Fat is my primary fuel source.

  • Dominique Martin commented Apr 10th 2012:

    I used to do weight watchers, and at every meeting this is what I wanted to scream at them!! They seemed completely oblivious that all their precious low fat foods are very high sugar. Educate yourself people!!

  • Douglas Sheehan Douglas Sheehan commented May 25th 2012:

    Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. The best source of fat out there. Watch this video:


  • arctichacker commented Mar 5th 2012:

    sing it sister!

    I'm eating about the same amount of fat as tinesnloaf.

    I take in about 4-6 tbsp of coconut oil and ghee in my fat drinks. The rest is from my meat, eggs and local game meats/blubber.

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I've been tracking it, but not managing it. I was curious, too, whether I should listen to my wife telling me not to eat those veins of fatty goodness in my steak. And I use olive oil a lot in salad dressing. Cook my eggs in bacon grease or butter, too. I tried cutting all that out for a week, and saw zero difference in my weight loss. I'm no nutritionist, but I'm not 100% convinced that eating fat translates into gaining fat.

  • kiki commented Oct 18th 2011:

    Thanks Jeremy, I'll play around with it and see what happens. I appreciate the answer!

  • Dana W commented Oct 18th 2011:

    Jeremy - Im also curious about how consuming fat translates into fat on your body! I dont eat a ton but oil on salads and the little butter here and there.. i track it and its only about 20 - 30 grams a day.. which is way under the suggested 60.. I would love to hear the story on this!


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I regularly have a tablespoon of linseed oil at breakfast

I use olive oil and mayonaise for dressings on salads.

Insulin surges appear to be what causes your body to store carbs as fat.

As a general guideline:

Fat alone? - not going to make you fat.

Carbs alone - you will store carbs as fat if they are highly glycemic.

Carbs & fat - if they are highly glycemic carbs then chances are you´ll store BOTH as fat.

I´m eating more fat than ever - bacon, veggie oils, butter, eggs, and I´m getting thinner (burning more fat than I´m storing). My diet is closer to ketogenic (zero carb) than to the slow carb diet for most of the time. If I can´t avoid a highly glycemic carb loaded meal (like a plate of pasta) then I take some carb blockers.

  • kiki commented Oct 19th 2011:

    thanks amorpheus for the info on the fat/carbs. I'll try the linseed oil at breakfast. Glad to hear your getting leaner!!

  • Dominique Martin commented Apr 10th 2012:

    Hi Amorpheuus, which carb blockers do you use and do they actually work? I was thinking about using some on cheat day (not that I want to block out all my carbs!)

  • Amorpheus commented Jun 21st 2012:

    Hi Dominique - sorry for not answering sooner. My fitness train got derailed! The carb blockers I was using are extract of white kidney beans. I think they worked, but they were just something I tended to use as a kind of "insurance policy" if you know what I mean. I don´t think using them on cheat day would be bad thing, but I´d have at least one cheat meal per week without using a carb blocker.

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