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PAGG overdose?

I'm back on PAGG but unfortunately I bought high dosages. Its quite hard to cut them because they are in capsules. So what should I do?

for example:

ALA=300mg. I don't have the reflux but I just wanna take 100mg

Garlic= 600 mg. Only 200 mg is needed in a meal

Green tea=500mg. Only 325 mg is needed.


I bought a lot to throw them all away away.

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I wouldn't worry about too high of doses unless you have reflux. Just take the higher doses, and buy the right ones next time.

Or you can buy empty capsules and fill them from the too high dose capsules. That will be a lot of work and you'll waste some in spills. It's not really worth it in my opinion, coming from someone who's filled a shit ton of capsules.

  • JJJ commented Oct 19th 2011:

    Yea the smell is sort of gross and unavoidable. Drinking a lot of water dilutes it if it makes you feel better =P

  • Babetravelling commented Oct 18th 2011:

    Thanks Tina! Im on PAGG detox this week and will be back next week and as you say not worry oh the high dose. (Although I pee and smell the overdose/tmi).

    Yup, putting it i another case is tedious


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You can also try any of the online PAGG supplement providers.

They're engineered specifically for 4HB.


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The best solution I can think of is (bearing in mind):

ALA=300mg. You just wanna take 100mg

Garlic= 600 mg. Only 200 mg is needed in a meal

Green tea=500mg. Only 325 mg is needed.

So you can make a meal that is 3 portions in size, when it has cooled down, add 1 ALA capsule, 1 Garlic Capsule, and 2 Green tea capsules. (Don´t add prior to cooking to avoid breaking down the chemical structures of the supplements).

Then split the meal into 3 portions and freeze them.

You´ll have your supplements built into your meals, this may affect flavour, but it´s all I can think of right now that doesn´t involve an extremely accurate digital scale, and a lot of time emptying out all your pills, weighing the powders and then making up your own capsules again!

  • Amorpheus commented Oct 19th 2011:

    oh, by the way when I say "add" capsules, I mean open them and empty them into the food, then give it a good mix to distribute the powders evenly through the food!

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