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30 Days Later


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120 Days Later

Weight 219 to 195.4

Waist 42 to 39 inches.

Hips 44 to 42 inches.

Bodyfat 27% to 19%


I followed the SCD pretty closely. For breakfast I have egg whites, beans and some vegetable. I eat a small lunch, nice sized dinner, and drink about 3 liters of water per day. I have coffee with either cinnamon or stevia, typically 24-30 OZ. I drink tea with dinner, with lemon. I am doing kettle bell swings 3x per week. I do weight training Monday and Friday. I have a muscle imbalance as I worked the last ten years behind a computer, so if anyone has hints or tips to get rid of that I would Appreciate it.


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Rock on, great to see you had excellent results even with stevia. I've been a fan for years now and don't get sugar cravings anymore. As for muscle imbalance, I've read that you'll always be stronger on your dominant arm, but you can try building up your weaker side with heavier weights. I also work behind a computer all day and get nasty back knots. I find that exercising regularly helped my desk posture so that I lean forward less.

  • jodyalbritton commented Oct 15th 2011:

    My stevia use is very minimal. I use cinnamon for my first cup of coffee, and maybe one packet of truvia in the second. I do not use anything other than lemon in my tea. Further I drink 3.0+ liters of water of the course of a day. Sometimes as many as 12-14 16oz water bottles.My dad is drinking mostly tea with stevia and his weight loss has not been as rapid as mine, and he has seen plateau periods over the last thirty days.

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WOW! What a big difference in such a short period of time! GOOD FOR YOU! Congrats!


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Congrats, Jody!

That is a definitely a visible difference between when you started and how you look now. I can tell the kettlebells are having their effect on your posture too! :) Nevermind your disappearing gut.

Way to go! Keep it up!

  • jodyalbritton commented Oct 14th 2011:

    For sure on the kettlebells, It's like I gained a 1/4 inch in height over the last thirty days. I am constantly amazed that doing a little can change a lot.

  • Maria Rider commented Oct 15th 2011:

    Wow, it's probably all the slouching computer workers get after being in the chair all hours. Kettlebells are wonderful for fixing posture. :) Way to go! :)

  • grotts commented Oct 15th 2011:

    Very encouraging. I'm on day eleven and your results are for sure inspiring. Please keep it up!!


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I'm new to the forum and your results give me encouragement. I'm starting this week.


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You've done brilliantly! What a difference.....and your hair looks great too!


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Well done! Your posture has improved SO MUCH too! Holy crap!

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