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Member intro: Pam Chambers

The lovely bits about me:

Mum to three grown up kids who make me want to shake the world loose for them and give them awesome opportunities.

Nana to Oscar and Annie who are the sunshine in every day. The nineteen month old Oscar can make me laugh harder, love stronger and feel more protective than I ever knew was possible.

Wife to a lovely husband who loves me in spite of my oddities!

And a wonderful relationship with family that I am give thanks for every day.

I love to laugh and make I a positive decision every day to be happy - avoid 'toxic people' and focus on the good.

The bits to change:

I have always jogged - for years, but never pushed myself.....always staying within a certain 'comfort zone'. Always obsessed about my weight - frequently been 'curvy' (read: 10 pound - a stone over weight). Have been massively over weight after the kids were born - leaving lumpy bits even when the weight went.......ran the London Marathon in 2009 when my friend lost her child to epilepsy - but ran it 'slowly'. I have moments of great inspiration and moments of plunging weakness...

If I drink too many glasses of wine I have absolutely no regard for what I eat....wake up in remorse...but will no doubt do it again!

Absolutely love The Four Hour Body. Have read it through and then gone back and re-read bits. I have a kettle bell and I go to Boot Camp two nights a week.

Now I am challenging myself to 'GET TO IT!' Not just make minor changes, not just the slightly flatter tummy, the slightly looser trousers - but the change that will make people stop me to ask how I did it.

Will be eternally grateful for tips and support - and will offer the same where I can.

Thank You!

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I love your story, welcome :).

  • bodenton commented Oct 12th 2011:



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Welcome to 4 Hour Body! Been doing it for 2 weeks myself with GREAT results. Just wanted to add a comment about the wine. Before 4HB I was having 2-3 glasses a night which to me isn't all that much but it did make me crave food even more at night. In turn, made me a very bad night eater. If i would suggest one thing in your start it would be to stop the wine drinking except on cheat days. Yes, Tim says you can have up to 2 glasses but if it causes you to night eat and enables your will power then don't do it. When I stopped the wine drinking at night, i stopped night eating. It was tough at first but after I saw results I didn't want to go back! Good luck!

  • bodenton commented Oct 12th 2011:

    Hi...and thank you for the welcome. Everything you said sounds absolutely right. I took Tim's advice about the 2 glasses of wine as a license to indulge, but having read your message I know that I share your experience - by drinking in the evening I get 'the nibbles'.....find myself wandering out to the kitchen - which is never good. At the moment I don't have anything in the fridge or cupboards that is not on the SCD - as I also took Tim's advice to ditch all left over food after cheat day - but I'm still picking at stuff I wouldn't be eating if I didn't have a glass in my hand!!! Thanks again......

  • Boneysaunz commented Oct 12th 2011:

    No problem! On my cheat days I eat out so that I don't buy anything that I can keep in the fridge for the following day. Plus, eating at restaurants on your cheat days gets rid of a lot of cravings. lol


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Really great story. I can certainly relate to "moments of great inspiration and plunging weakness"! Just curious about the Boot Camp you referred to (I'm a Londoner and starting to look at what's out there by way of activities -- emphasis on the 'active'). Glad you're on board!

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