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Are there any plans for a mobile friendly site?

I was just wondering, since I'm always looking up questions on my phone when I'm out and about if you guys were planning on making a mobile site any time soon. If not, it might be a good idea to look into it. That is all ;-)


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There is plan, we acknowledge it is important to give people access on the go, but we are also very small team so we have to do one thing at the time. We still have few things to finish on main site before we can jump in mobile apps. About 2 more months.

We do have develop specs and if you interested in being tester when is ready please add your vote to the post above or respond with mobile you are using (e.g. iphone 4s, Samsung Captivate Glide or what ever rocks your boat) and I will contact you when we have something.

P.S> we do have open APIs - if any of you is developer out there and is willing to help - Id be happy to give you access to apis so you can play with data and develop your own variations of apps and additional functionality.

  • Phil Michalak commented Oct 19th 2011:

    I usually check the site out from work on my iPod Touch 4G. If you plan on releasing it for that I would love to test it out.

  • Steph commented Oct 25th 2011:

    Yeah, I'd love to help out by being a tester. I have an iPhone 4s

  • 4HourBod commented Oct 25th 2011:

    Sounds like IOS app (what iphone and family runs on) is first one to attack. We are playing with video hosting for improved challenge instructions, once that is done Ill attack iphone app.

  • mocaloca commented Oct 26th 2011:

    Hi, I actually work as a QE for a software company and would love to help testing your iOS apps when ready. I'd also suggest contacting Carlos Icaza from http://www.anscamobile.com/. He runs this company/product that can really expedite mobile development. I can introduce you guys if interested. Cheers,


  • CynthiaK commented Nov 27th 2011:

    I'd also love to be a tester. I have an iPhone 4

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I've browsed the site a couple times on my ancient Android phone, and I think the site is pretty mobile-friendly already: it's fairly minimalistic, it has large buttons, and it doesn't use Flash.

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