are there some people who dont respond well to a slow carb diet?


Just started the 4 hour body plan a couple of days ago and was wondering if the progress is slower for some people.

I am 5 ft 7 and weigh 129 and it is REALLY hard for me to drop weight. I have been mainly eating vegetables an fruit and still haven't lost much. Going to start the before and after photos today. 3 days into and the scale is the SAME.



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Stop eating fruit. Tim has mentioned in recent posts that even though some fruits are ok, you shouldn't be eating it until you are leaned out. Can you post a sample of a day worth of eating?

Also, stop weighing yourself so often. I would suggest a weigh in of every 7 days or even 14 days. Take measurements and photos, those are more telling. Weight is affected by a lot of factors such as water retention and muscle growth. So the scale could have stayed the same but you could be technically skinnier bodyfat wise/aesthetically. My last 2 weigh ins have been the same, but I've lost about 3" in my body overall.

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Doesn't sound like you are following the SCD

Check out the foods allowed and not allowed, plus the Slow Carb Diet Cheat Sheet.

You should be eating 30grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking

Every meal should include be legumes, protein, veggies

You need lots of beans & lentils, chicken, organic beef or pork (its a high protein diet)

Drink lots of water

Dont eat anything not on the list ( except for cheat days).


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Peter is right - no fruit plus you need to increase your protein. Veggies don't provide sufficient levels. Your probably lowering your metabolism by not getting enough calories and your not seeing results. Eat more (ESP protein) and cut out the fruit and you'll see results


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3 days is very little time to start to see results. Everyone is starting at different points, I was already in pretty good shape when I started, so results weren't quite as dramatic as if I had never exercised before. Also, pay attention to what you are eating... I was eating cheese and diet soda regularly on my first three weeks in, and it REALLY slowed down my progress.


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I too started slow and continue to lose weight slowing, about a pound every two weeks or so. I think part of it is I only have 20 to 25 pounds to lose so I am losing it slowing. I also find it very hard to stay away from the carbs and eventhough I havent given in I may over do it on my off day.


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1- Don't hover over your scale. Measure instead to get your TI (Total Inches), you'll see consistent results.

2- No fruit. Only on cheat day.


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