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i'm frustrated!

This is really more of a vent. Misery loves company I suppose...

This is my second week on the SCD and I have been doing great. I lost five pounds the first week and it took me until yesterday to get back down to my lowest pre-cheat weight. This bummed me out because it meant I really only had today and tomorrow to lose THIS week's weight. Now I only have one more day and I highly doubt I'll lose two pounds overnight when I haven't lost all week. I know what the experts would say- add more protein, make sure you're eating within 30 minutes, drink more water, etc...

I know, I know. I guess what I'm looking for is for someone to tell me they've gone a week without losing only to lose the following week? I'm afraid my saturday cheat day is going to put me back into a cycle of another "zero loss" week.

Words of encouragement?


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Even though you're weight is up doesn't mean you're not still burning fat. Water weight is the biggest reason for this as mentioned earlier. When you get your water fluctuations under control (try drinking more water), you might see if go back to normal faster. You didn't gain however many pounds of fat back. I used to work in a gym and a good line to say when people fell off course was that you didn't gain the weight you want to lose over night. So if you lost 5 pounds of fat in a week, you won't gain that back in one day.

Keep on keeping on and just make sure you follow the diet to a T.


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Hey Doll,

I totally hear your frustration and want to assure you that a lot of us (myself included) have had weeks when it takes up until FRIDAY (omg?!? I know :'( ) to lose last week's DGW weight and still somehow manage to experience a loss on loading day morning weigh in.

One example:

A couple of months ago I had a particularly heinous Saturday 'cheat' day. In the morning pre cheat, I weighed 141lbs. In the evening I weighed 148.8lbs. The next morning (Sunday) I weighed 145.4. On FRIDAY I finally was at 141.5 and by Saturday morning I was 139.8.

Hang in there! If you are doing everything right, and you seem to be aware of all the pitfalls that we have all experienced, then you will see results :)

Best and Hugs,


  • shereerenee commented Oct 7th 2011:

    thanks Tea! I'm tweaking some things tomorrow in hopes for some sort of loss on Saturday! Thanks for the encouraging words ; )

  • Maria Rider commented Oct 7th 2011:

    I'd like to add to TeaLove's answer that hormones also play a part in getting that cheat day weight off earlier(like by tue/wed) vs. later(by thu/fri). I find on ovulation weeks or week/days leading to the period, your body is gonna retain water and you may not see any weight change for that week until either your period comes or your stop your ovulation cycle.(as I experienced this week, 2 days of my weight not going down, then third day, boom goes down again, and still going down). So, be patient....we only really have 2 viable weeks in which to lose weight effectively. :) Just keep on doing what you are doing and you'll be fine! :)


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Buy this, read it 5 times. It will help to get your head right.


  • Steph commented Oct 7th 2011:

    This answer made me lol. (Although, it seems like a good read...)


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I'm frustrated, too! Although I've lost a total of 14 lbs. I still have another 24 to go. I've been on the SCD for 89 days! I have not lost anything in over 30 days... 30 days!!! My weight does not change at all. It doesn't go up after cheat day or around my menstrual cycle and it doesn't go down. It just stays the same.

I'm hanging in there a little bit longer, but if I don't see any more weight loss I'm going to have to come up with Plan B.

I love the SCD, but I'm wondering if the SCD loves me!

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