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Diet (Revision 3) -- Please Critique

Since I started SCD 6 weeks ago, I have lost fewer than 5 pounds and only 1-2 inches. Not very impressive. I've changed my diet a few times, and I wanted to know if I'm finally on the right track. The first two weeks were hosed because the brand of sriracha I was using lists sugar as the second ingredient, I was eating about 1/4 cup of sliced almonds and a large carrot every day in my salad for the first three weeks, and about 4 times the legumes I needed for the first four weeks. The last two weeks, I think I wasn't eating enough protein.

My latest diet gives me one gram of protein for each pound of lean body mass (169). Everything but the broccoli, peas, and carrots are organic, and all beef is grass-fed. I now check every label for added sugar, and nothing in my diet has it. I eat this same diet every day but cheat day. My BMR is around 3100, and I still drink 7-9 liters of water per day, as I have for the past few years.



8 ounces Black Coffee (unsweetened, sometimes 1/2 teaspoon Cinnamon)

16 ounces Black Raspberry Green Tea (unsweetened, not at all sweet by itself)


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I read your post and thought that you may find this chart interesting as I know that it has helped other who were struggling: Carb Ranges



  • 42Wired commented Oct 4th 2011:

    Thank you for this!

    So it would appear that I will not lose weight this week because I'm still getting too many carbs. The carbiest things I eat aside from legumes (about 1 cup per day) are broccoli and cauliflower. Should those be considered "in-moderation" foods, then?

  • 42Wired commented Oct 4th 2011:

    I get 1/6 cup (combined) of carrots and peas per serving of chicken pot pie.

    I got 150 grams from adding up the carbs for each food from the data from self.com. I've already made all my food for the week, so it will be a good experiment to see if it was just that I was not getting enough protein.

  • 42Wired commented Oct 4th 2011:

    Do you think 1/6 of a cup per day could have that great of an effect?

  • TeaLove commented Oct 4th 2011:

    NO problem! Happy to help :)

    Hmmm, perhaps the peas and carrots though which are in the moderation only?? But I don't see how what you have listed here amounts to 150 gr of carbs per day :/ How many servings of the chick pot pie do you have? I have about a cup of beans per day with tonnes of broc and cauliflower and it only amounts to about 60-70 gr total for the day. Any ideas?

  • TeaLove commented Oct 4th 2011:

    Totally! Give that a try this week and then experiment with removing the peas and carrots next week maybe?

  • TeaLove commented Oct 4th 2011:

    I have no idea really because everyone is so different but if it isn't too much of an inconvenience it might be worth a try. Up to you entirely.

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Hi wired,

Only very small tweaks but if you're having a lot of trouble getting kick started i would suggest cutting out:

Ghee (high calories?)

Raspberry tea (may be unsweetened but will contain naturally occuring sugars which the ingredients don't have to list)

Chicken broth (usually these types of foods contain thickening substances such as cornflour or wheat - make sure!)

Worcestershire sauce (any varieties of this I have seen contain either sugar or wheat)

Hope this helps, I admire you're measuring and dedication. What gets measured, gets managed! ;)


  • 42Wired commented Oct 5th 2011:

    Thanks for the response.

    I didn't even use enough Worcestershire to add flavor, so I'm not worried about that (I tossed it, though); I scrutinize every label to make sure nothing like corn or sugar sneak in (the chicken broth is clean); I really doubt the tea has any sugar in it because it doesn't taste sweet in by any stretch of the imagination (but if this week is still a no-go, I'm dumping it to be sure); and I'm getting about 2100 calories a day, which is 800-1000 kcal below my BMR.

  • flowergirlie commented Oct 5th 2011:

    hey don't loose sight of your accomplishment. Give yourself a pat on that back you lost something, 5lbs in 6wks is almost a pound a week. That's better than gaining isn't it? Congratulations on your success!


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Amazing tracking and searching!

The chili/garlic srirachi is the only one that doesn't have sugar as an ingredient that I could find also, and man, I love the stuff, too.

I'm guessing that the upped protein will do the trick, really. Cutting a few carbs might be of benefit as I am familiar with the Primal Blueprint chart. However, time will tell.

Why trim the fat off of your meat? Is it grain fed or hormon-ey? Have you read someplace 4HB wise to lower fat intake is stalling?

Keep up the good work of sleuthing and searching- you'll have your payoff!

Much love to you, 42Wired.


  • 42Wired commented Oct 4th 2011:

    I cut the fat off the outside because it just ends up becoming gristle. I haven't bought grain-fed or hormone-laden beef in a few years. As far as lowering fat intake as a whole, I think that conventional dietary and medical wisdom still apply to that.

  • JoyMc commented Oct 4th 2011:

    thanks for the answer, 42Wired.

    Try reading this in response to "conventional..wisdom" about fats.


    Much love,


  • 42Wired commented Oct 5th 2011:

    Thanks for the great read! It just shows how little we actually know about nutrition. It's hard to think that eating fat is good after a lifetime of being told the opposite.

    I'm thinking I need to start making my salad dressing with nonfractionated coconut oil.

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