'Gastric Emptying' on Cheat Day

I know that we're supposed to be 'emptying' more than normal on cheat day, due to the damage control supplements and other factors - but I'm going once at the most.

And I know this is key, since it indicated how much is being absorbed.

I haven't included Yerba Mate, Citrus Kombucha, or Athletic Greens yet - but I definitely get my fiber and protein from my regular meal in the morning, and AGG, CQ, and lemon juice it up before meals.


p.s. - I've technically been on slowcarb for two weeks, and I know it can take time to get regular, but I've been doing the primal diet for nearly 8 months, which is VERY similar - only different in the balance of legumes and fats (primal advocates no legumes, and more fatty foods for satiation)


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On cheat day I drink a cup of coffee with every meal, which seems to help me pass the food through a lot faster. Not sure if that would work for everyone else, but it works for me.

  • KenMoorhead commented Dec 3rd 2011:

    Same here. One strong cup of coffee with the meal (and a lot of water) and things move along just fine.

    I've added in other elements over time... grapefruit juice with the first cup of coffee, citrus juice w/ water at other meals, saurkraut at breakfast. All have a positive effect, but coffee is the main one.

    I'm somewhat sensitive to caffeine so one cup is all I can take, but make it black and strong. The drip stuff at most restaurants is too weak that I don't even bother with it.

  • Cathieely Enter last name commented Dec 31st 2011:

    i drink the coffee to it doesnt take long until im in the bathroom

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Some probiotics, enzymes, and Miralax will help you with that.

NSI Probiotic 8-5 "8 strains / 5 billion CFU" -- 120 Vegetarian Capsules

NSI Mega Digestive Enzymes with Pancreatin 10X -- 200 Capsules

I bought those and the Miralax for my former wife who had had chronic constipation for 30 years, been to doctors for help but no relief for decades. For about $30 total, she was regular for the first time since her teens. These changed her life and improved many things for her, including our Fun!

I got the NSI items from www.Vitacost.com --- Great resource. Good luck with that!

  • mfargasch commented May 12th 2011:
    ChrisGo do you mind me asking, how long has your wife been on Miralax? and does she take it everyday? Ever since I started this Diet on May 3rd this year I have been having a real hard time going to bathroom at all! continue on other page....
  • mfargasch commented May 12th 2011:
    So I have been using enemas and senna tea and now today bought Miralax... is it safe to take it every day for the rest of ones life? or can it cause damage or dependency? Thanks!
  • ChrisGo commented Oct 1st 2011:

    hey mfargasch, i just got an email RE your question. amazing. 2 years+ on Miralax, every day. Continued use should be fine. The other 2 things up there (probiotics and enzymes are important too-and not expensive) :D hope u r doing ok :)


Yeah, I've been having the same issues. I'm going to buy some Yerba Mate tea today and will be drinking way more water than usual on my upcoming Super Bowl Sunday cheat day. I'll also be trying the lemon-juice-in-the-water and muscle contractions thing as well. Good luck!


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Cheat with Chinese food... :)

Just kidding (sort of).

  • shane commented Feb 20th 2011:


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Dark chocolate helps too.... ;3

  • MaryC commented Aug 4th 2011:

    Before the SCD, I was trying to stay away from carbs an sugars somewhat, I noticed that every time I would eat sugar free dark chocolate within minutes I had to go to the bathroom! I might try this on my second cheat day! I also drink smooth move tea some times.

  • angi465 commented Sep 3rd 2011:

    Sugar free candies do have a laxative effect. Imagine my little nephew at four getting into his diabetic sister's stash! Hilarious to me, but my sister-in-law was not amused!


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I have had a problem for years. Used Miralax for a year straight. Now I take Magnesium suppliments at night and am regular. Start with one, then up dose if it doesn't help. Also, if you're really suffering China Slim tea works REALLY well. You can't drink that everyday though.


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Im positive all the water with lime I drink throughout helps me empty my stomach right away.

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