Wall Pushups Vs Real Pushups

The one thing that really confused me about the Glut-4 Exercises is why Tim recommends wall pushups as opposed to real pushup -- he doesn't explain why!

I imagine, if possible, real pushups would be best. Though, I could see why he'd recommend wall ones if you're on the - like in a bathroom - and it wouldn't necessarily be sanitary.

Just curious to know if anyone's got the skinny on this ...


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I think it's possible that he didn't suggest a regular pushup because 1) it's hard to do if you're out and forced to perform the exercises in a bathroom 2) for some people that would be a more challenging exercise than necessary and it could jack with their normal training. I believe the wall or counter height push-up is the MED for this purpose.

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I think the idea is that you're not looking to get an actual workout out of it, and if you are already on a workout routine, you probably wouldn't want to mess it up. Plus, I don't think most people can do regular push-ups for 90 seconds straight without a break. Minimal required effort to get the response required.

  • slowcarbAnnie commented Feb 23rd 2012:

    Exactly, it's about provoking the desired response without messing with your actual workout regime.


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I do read push ups when I can, and even pull ups sometimes.

If I do wall pushups its one arm'd wall pushups.

I find that he didn't explain the exercises very well for people with different fitness levels. I you can bench 300lbs wall push ups are not going to do much.

The principal of it makes sense though, you want to deplete your muscle glycogen, to do this completely for the average person 2 minutes of moderate exertion should do this, so ANY exercise will work.


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Wall pushups are easier to do, but not so easy that they aren't worth doing. Remember the exercise is not about how many you can do but about the amount of time your muscles spend under tension.

I can do a lot of pushups in 30 seconds, but I could not maintain that pace for 60-90 seconds. The wall pushups allow you to keep your muscles under tension for a lot longer.


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Heard him talk about this. It is mainly because he wants things you can do anywhere - like a bathroom stall. It also is good for the many people who will start the diet and not be able to do a pushup. Of course if you have the space, I'd probably go for the pushup.


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:D ... perhaps bc wall pushups are so much harder and will crank up your body better. try both and see what you think. Be careful when you first do wall pushups. I am assuming by wall pushups that this is where your body is parallel to the wall, hands on the floor, feet on top, and you extend your arms all the way, and then lower yourself down, bending your arms.

At this point, I cannot do vertical pushups. But some day. Good questions.

Vertical pushups will get the most results, the fastest. Most people will not be able to do them or will strain something if they try.

Like many things in 4hb, you better be in pretty good shape before you do it. Or have a good insurance plan and a will.

  • hut full of spears commented Feb 18th 2011:
    You're not describing "wall pushups", you're describing handstand pushups. That's a completely different animal.


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They do not "cause muscle trauma" which means they don't "screw up training"

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