Willy my body get used to the slow Carb Cycle and then in turn not burn Fat?

This Still all seems like a lot of Hocus Pocus to me.... but I have been doing it for a week and a half, preparing for my second Cheat/Binge day, and I have already lost over Ten Lbs. But I am afraid that my body will become conditioned to this predictable cycle and I will no Longer benefit from this diet, and Cheat Day will do more Harm than good.


  • brotherwayne commented Apr 21st 2011:
    You've lost 10 pds and you think it's hocus pocus? Guess hocus pocus is working well for you.


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You're focusing too much on hypothetical variables. Focus on being consistent. If you are eating properly, working out and having your cheat days, it is literally impossible for your body NOT to change. If the cheat day does more harm than good, it would not be in the book. Think about it! When you eat unhealthy all the time, your body continues to change and gets bigger. Why didn't it just "get used to it" and not change? So eating healthier and being active should have the reserve affect.

Stop worry so much. Aim for consistency.

  • wilsonjhenry commented Mar 2nd 2011:
    Thank you for your feedback. After I read your answer, the view you offered was the perspective I needed... I shut off the worry machine and just have been going for it, and so far my body has made a major response. 30 lbs lost so far! thanks again!
  • PansyLu commented Jun 23rd 2011:

    Way to go! I think the cheat days actually keep your body from getting used to it and they can be so much fun. This isn't a diet you start and stop it's a lifestyle you have to keep doing. Spinach and beans forever!!!

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As long as what you are doing is taking you where you want to go, keep at it. If at some point it no longer does, something may need adjusted.


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The body does tend to adapt to things that we do consistently. Thus, the cheat day. Additionally, for people who are looking to drop into the sub-10% BF realm, there are the cyclical ketogenic diet (CKD) or intermittent fasting (IF). Personally, I don't enjoy the ketogenic diet as it makes me jittery, queasy and irritable, but I know it does work. That said, I'm going to start adding a day of IF to help peel a bit more insulation of my mid-section. :)

But after two months of eating the slow carb way, my wife and I have decided that we are adopting the SCD as our default way of eating. Mainly because it's working, we both really enjoy the food on it, we love the way we feel (energetic and not starving all the time) and we find it easily sustainable.




The cheat day is there to prevent you from adapting to the diet. Tim says to do one "every 7-10 days" ... so if your really worried add in that variety as well.

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