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Week 5, no results


First post here, but I've been on the slow carb diet for 5 weeks and have seen no results. Hope you can help. No idea what I'm doing wrong. I'll give you the figures to start off with:



13st (182 lbs)

37" waist (the main place I gain weight)

total inches: 142.2

The first week I messed around a little and had a few things I shouldn't have, like toast for breakfast in a hurry, but since then I typically follow the plan to the letter- chicken, ground beef, steak, turkey bacon, tons of eggs, kidney beans, chickpeas, loads of veggies (peas, courgettes, broccoli etc.) and cottage cheese. I also drink between 4-6 litres of water a day and 4/5 cups of black coffee.

So far no cold showers or ice packs, but on alternate days I do a basic workout with barbells and have noticed results there, particularly on my arms, but as of today's weight-in

13st (182 lbs)

38.25" waist

total inches: 146.625

Any advice would be very much appreciated as I don't want to quit now.

Edit: 30/09/11

Typical daily diet:

Wake about 8:00

Black coffee, about 2 glasses water.

Breakfast, 9:00

2 eggs with pourable egg whites,

Kidney beans (plus 2-3 times a week with a 1/4 can of chickpeas),

Portion of frozen veg (broccoli, carrots, peas, cauliflower)

Either a tbsp guacamole, cottage cheese or salsa.

Occasionally with turkey bacon or regular bacon.

Lunch, 1:00 - 2:00

(Usually leftover from previous night's dinner)

Either: Chicken breast/ Ground beef ragu/ Tuna/ Steak

Boiled/Scrambled egg

Garden peas or kidney beans.

1 tbsp Peanut butter after workout

Dinner, 8:00

Either: Chicken breast/ Ground beef ragu/ Beef steak/ Roast Lamb

Large portion garden peas,

At least two of asparagus/broccoli/roast parsnips/roast carrots/sugarsnap peas/courgette

As I said I have black coffee throughout the day, carry a two litre bottle with me which I refill at least twice and work out every other day.

Thanks for reading.



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Wow that would be very discouraging. I have recently re-read the book, It said the most common mistakes for failing is not eating a 20 or 30g Protein meal within 30 minutes of waking, Not eating the same amount protein at every meal, ( which I also just got threw my head should only be a meal every 4 hours, not drinking enough water, OVER EATING " Domino Foods " being Almonds, chickpeas, (mostly nuts ) 5-10 per day is all, Overconsuming artificial sweetness, non should be used, Except maybe a 16oz diet soda per day and last but not least was hitting the gym too often, If your doing any of these, maybe get a new start, Also Cottage cheese was mentioned at breakfast as safe, But I would think he meant only a serving per day, like tomatoes and avocados are also limited of enjoyment !! Hope this helps, Good Luck !!!

  • dw14 commented Sep 30th 2011:

    Thanks everyone for the responses, it's really encouraging to see.

    I've taken a week off as a control test before applying your advice, particularly eating within 30 mins as I found that it's taken me about an hour to have a proper appetite, and also I'm cutting out chickpeas. As for cottage cheese, I've written it wrong; what I meant was I have those things in the list on a rotation every meal, not cottage cheese. Sorry about the mix up.

    Also, I have a weight training routine I started before the diet- is it likely that's messing it up? I hope not as I don't want to stop and can't afford to start G2F or Occams with all the supplements and whatnot.

    Otherwise I can't thank you all enough.

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I'm certainly no expert on the SCD (only been on it for a little under 2 weeks) but I think you need to cut the chickpeas, regular peas, sugar snap peas, and maybe the cottage cheese. I know it's "safe" but it's my understanding that for some people it can stall the loss.

One thing that has helped me (I think) is to have a tablespoon of peanut or almond butter before bed. It helps to keep your glucose levels steady and makes it easier to get "up and around" to get my breakfast made/eaten within 30 minutes of waking (also a big thing). I would also consider adding another protein/meat to your breakfast - something more hearty might help.

Also, are you drinking enough water??? And I believe you're supposed to limit your coffee intake to 1 cup? (not sure about that one and I dont have my book with me.)

Really the best part of this diet is the ability to experiment. Don't get discouraged, look at it as a game to see what you can do, when you can do it, and how you can do it to continually lose the inches.

Good luck!



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Just to reiterate what the others have said, cut way back on the cottage cheese, chickpeas and whatever nuts you are eating. Maybe even eliminate all of that. Keep your meals consistent in timing and protein amounts. Also the 30g protein WITHIN 30 MINUTES of waking is critical...about a month ago (before I started the SCD/G2F diet) I kept my same routine of eating fairly unhealthy (no breakfast), lifting weights and surfing and the only thing I changed was drinking a 30g protein shake immediately upon waking and I had real results. Decrease in bodyfat and lost almost 8 lbs in 3 1/2 weeks.


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Can you post up the quantities you're eating? I've noticed a few posts where people are following the diet restrictions, but when we looked at quantity they were consuming several thousand calories a day. And at the other extreme, if you eat too little that seems to stall people as well.

Me, I lose the most weight on nights when I gorge on dinner so bad that I'm waddling around the house clutching my stomach in pain and moaning - I did that the last two nights and was down an additional new pound each morning after. Crazy.


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@Jake is right about posting quantities, but as far as what you're eating, the cottage cheese every meal strikes me as something you should not be doing. Cottage cheese is a SCD food to be consumed in moderation; you should only be eating it sparingly, if at all. Chickpeas fall under that category, as well.

Do post the quantities of the foods you're eating, but also maybe lay off the cottage cheese and chickpeas.

  • 42Wired commented Sep 30th 2011:

    Carrots and peas are also something you should limit: carrots are full of sugar, and peas are very starchy.

    Also make sure the bacon and turkey bacon you use does not have added sugar; processed meats like to sneak in those kinds of things.

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