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Twitter done

For those of you that use twitter a lot I added little helper. You can now login with your twitter account. It is also good way to have fallback login method if you forget password or something else happens to your account.

How to do it:

Go here:



Twitter will ask you if it is ok to use it.

Looks like this if you are loged out.


or this way if you are logged in:


You will also see enthusio.com logo. enthusio is "company" and framework this site runs on, so we borrowed its twitter app to make it happen.

If you dotn like to be linked at any time - you can disconnect on same page. Looks like this:


What all of that do is make it able for you to click on this button and login without typing anything in if you are on twitter already.


And finally question for those with creative brains we have on this site; now that we have twitter connected, please do post if you have some ideas what else (except for login) we could use it for. It can search post and read messages if you let him.

You can play here with all available APIs to get ideas:


Have a great day and stay fit :)

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How about adding options (for those of use that want it) to auto post questions out to twitter too and invite friends.

Also sharing my twitter on my profile would be cool.

P.S. Facebook too much to ask?


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I just wanted to say that this helper would have been extremely helpful to me outside of the site. If there is a way someone could put this tutorial in the login process, in some sort of FAQ, that would be amazing.

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