167 pounds to 120 pounds in 28 days. Possible?

I was on the 4 hour body quest but I suppose I wasnt too consistent or committed. I saw the weight loss but but I plateau after cheat day. This time around I'm heading for a weekend trip with a couple of my boyfriend's friends. I want to feel good about myself around them cos I don't want them to think that my boyfriend is a dating a cow.

I just purchased a kettlebell and now the game is on.


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Hey JenyLee,

While I understand your situation, the things outlined in Tim's book in my opinion are best used as a solution for the long term. You're focusing too much on the timeframe, when I think you should be focusing on the methods to get there. Consistency is the key, and when you put all your energy into that, the results will fall into place.

Remember that your boyfriend's friends will only be there for a weekend. They're not there with you every single day. So why even focus on what they MIGHT (stress might) think for a few days? They're not living your life.

Also keep in mind that most people grossly overestimate how much they actually need to lose to look how they'd wish to look.

So-focus on eating well and getting your kettlebell sets down to 1 of 75 and you'll get what you want.

Good luck!

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I don't think 47lbs in 28 days is viable...the math doesn't work without resorting to extreme and most likely highly dangerous means...

A pound of fat is appx 3500 kcal, with 28 days in your frame...that's almost 2lbs a day or 7000 kcal....

Granted the math isn't necessarily as simple as cals in vs cals out/burned...as we've learned...but to lose 2lbs a day while remaining even remotely healthy and functional is a pretty big stretch.

As mentioned earlier, you'd be amazed at what 10-15lbs lost will do to your physique...drop a little water weight and think recomp vs actual pounds lost. You will be amazed at what you can do.

Just keep reminding yourself of your goals and remember in a relatively short period of time you can dramatically upgrade your physique. Best of luck.


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Probably not. Maybe you could lose that many lbs if you weighed 300lbs. Keep in mind the better in shape you are the more difficult it is. BUT also remember 10lbs of fat makes a huge difference in how a person looks, so even if you only do 10-20 people will see a very noticeable change. Don't give up, just don't set the bar too high!


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It's possible - but challenging. I've lost 19 lbs in 17 days. Just try lo lose as much as you can - you'll feel better and look great regardless!


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From looking at your "before" picture, I didn't think "cow" at all. Just "normal" in a land where most of us could stand to lose a few pounds. I'm sure you'll be fine even if you don't reach that goal. Especially if you keep a positive attitude, relax, and smile! Remember how far you've come and how much healthier you feel. A genuine smile does wonders for anyone's appearance.

As for the weight goal, I think it might be a little too ambitious. We're talking a loss of 28% of your body weight in 4 weeks. But go for it if you think it's possible. Do your best! We'd love to see how it goes.

One possible refinement: Maybe you should aim for a target body fat percentage instead of a weight in pounds. In case exercise causes an increase in muscle mass that offsets fat loss on the scale...


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Do what Peter suggests, in my opinion, good advice.

I've had success in weight loss/gain and other areas of my life by focussing on the actions - do that and enjoy them and the results will happen.

As for the forthcoming weekend, start now, get and notice your good results and your progress and you'll be feeling even better about yourself - go and enjoy the weekend and shine - your boyfriend loves you and is proud to be showing you off to his friends, go shine and be the best you that you can be!

Enjoy your adventure!

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