the 4 hour body for veggan with gluten/ cereals/ dairy/egg allergies

Hi super humans united !

I've been diagnosed with allergies to : wheat, gluten, all cereals apart from gluten ( not contaminated ) oat, dairies, eggs, shellfish, soy.

I am not allergic to veggies, nuts, nut butter, meat and fruits but i am a veggan.

My gp put me on a meat diet that i tried to follow but defintely not my stuff. i lost 7 kilos on his diet but got flabby too even with four sessions of exercising or more each week.

i've still got a lot more weight to lose ( 20 kilos would be great ). I also have an iron deficiency that never goes whatever complements or veggies i put in my mouth.

I bought the book this afternoon and just got sucked into it and would really like to do it.

So any veggan around it made it work ?

can i do this by eating veggies, lentils, beans and protein shake to get the right amount of protein ?

thanks for your answers and support !

congratulations to all the successful 4 hours body achievers !


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First off, unlike other responders, I want to give you an answer that doesn't attack your diet choice. Being vegan has again and again proven to be an alternative and yes, optimal diet for a healthy body, though as you know, due to your allergies, you have to work extra hard to take in the right nutrients and calories, especially B-12.

Seriously, don't mess around with excluding B-12 supplements from your diet, deficiencies are directly linked to symptoms of dimensia and alzheimers disease. Still, being vegan is an awesome economic, environmental, compassionate, and HEALTHY choice, and no matter which reason (one if not all) you are living that lifestyle, I applaud your choice!

I'm sure your results will be unique and may be slower than others are experiencing, but I do think it is possible to meet the calorie and protein goals of this diet. I think your fats will be covered in raw almond butter and olive oil, but your protein will have to come from a very very rich (and probably expensive) mix like Vega Whole Food Health powers, a massive amount of lentils like 2/3 of your plate covered, veggies plus a vegatable filler powder like Ahtletic Greens or Vibrant Health Green Vibrance, and even though it is discouraged on Tim's slow carb diet, you might have to experiment with Quinoa as a gluten free source of protein.

If you join DailyBurn or SparkPeople or any type of free nutrition tracker, and meet your caloric and protein goals...you'll be in business for a change.

PLUS, as far as I know, all AGG supplements are available in vegan capsules.

  • Ray Harris commented Oct 18th 2012:

    Yay for that respectful response!!! people are usually vegan for a reason beyond their own eating and check out that amazing vegan athlete guy!!!

  • Jason Walker Jason Walker commented Oct 19th 2012:

    While I agree that most vegan's choose their lifestyle for other choices other than health I don't think those choices are always well informed. For instance arguing based on Environmental factors doesn't always add up as the growth in Corn and Soy production is leading to devastating soil erosion that is seen by many as more damaging than the beef industries effects on the environment (Not to say that the beef and poultry industry is not bad as well). They are also one of the leading causes of destruction of natural animal habitats, especially in South America.

  • Jason Walker Jason Walker commented Oct 19th 2012:

    As well as this, most people choosing to follow the Slow Carb or Paleo Diets tend to be more conscious about the treatment of animals and will only choose their meat sources from free-range, grass-fed, un-alterred animal sources that tend to live a much more natural life than the standard in the beef and poultry industry. Please don't take this as an attack on Vegan or Vegetarianism, I am merely pointing out that both sides have issues and both sides have pros. I wish everyone the best of luck on this diet, no matter which choice or path you take. I just believe in being fully informed. If these are the only reasons you are not eating meat then perhaps a broader look is needed.

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What is the reason you are vegan?

I was a vegan 6 years ago (for 5 years) for non religious reasons, and it's not the optimal diet for a strong body. No matter what people might try to tell you.

With all those restrictions, especially to dairies, my opinion is you have to rewire your brain and add meat to your diets. I don't think there is a great way around this if you want to follow this routine. You can try to tweak and supplement foods as best you can, but then it's not really the slow carb type diet. I'm not a fan of protein shakes mainly because all the additives required to make it, even if they're SC friendly. Tim does give unflavored whey a green light, but it might not work so well with your allergies.


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please check out http://aasclinics.com/ I cured a few of my allergies.

you can read what happened to me on my questions...thingy (still learning the site) http://4hourpeople.com/question/6804/anyone-who-has-allergies-life-...

I'm not sure where you live but if you come to San Francisco you should do this. It will change your life.


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check out the appendix chapters "meatless machine" should answer your questions along with the resources there.

Tim suggests everyone on slow carb should try a vegan diet for two weeks after they have been on slow carb for 2-3 months so I am starting next week. I won't stay on a vegan diet after that as I'll be trying to adding muscle after at that point. But should be interesting.


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First off, and I know this is snarky, but if you are really a vegan, you should probably learn how to spell "vegan".

Second, I agree with the previous response - you are allergic to so many things, you really need to maximize what you can eat. Just try eating meat for a month or so, ease into it. You don't have to do it for the rest of your life, just experiment and see how you feel.

  • Ray Harris commented Oct 18th 2012:

    the responses telling the vegan to eat meat are ridiculous! and typos happen! How about some real help or otherwise just stay out of it? not trying to get someone to change their choice! silly!

  • catsinspace commented Oct 19th 2012:

    Agreed! I've been a vegetarian for twelve years and if I tried to "ease myself" back into eating meat I would puke everywhere. Also I think that this diet is definitely doable as a vegan- you might just need to tweak the amounts of lentils and veggie based protein powders you eat. Good luck!

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