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Long and messy story :(...but I'm trying the 4 hour body and love this site!

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Love your profile pic, and squids! Although they have a doughnut shaped brain through which their esophagus is positioned, causing brain damage if they swallow anything too large.

What I mean to say is welcome to the site!

  • IndiraV2 commented Sep 24th 2011:

    Wow! Squids...I had no idea what you were talking about! Apparently you automatically get a random pic if you don't set one. I'm not the biggest fan of squids, but then again I don't hang out with them too often. Thanks!!

  • paulshack commented Sep 24th 2011:

    I imagine a viewing gallery as food passes through-the conscious mind people high fiving each other and the subconscious mind furiously taking notes while jockeying for position-next stand up routine!


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Yeah, I love this site too. Once you become involved online is that you really stay motivated to keep yourself on track! (that's how it's been with me so far). Plus, it has so many good ideas and tips that I don't know what I'd do without out it.. Probably just stay fat ;) lol

Good Luck =)

  • guestnurse commented Sep 24th 2011:

    Welcome! It is a great site with lots of great ppl to offer support and advice! I couldn't have made it this far without this site. day 18...good luck! and happy slow carbing

  • IndiraV2 commented Sep 25th 2011:

    Thanks!! I've been doing some of the slowcarb for a few weeks now. Though not everything. Just the supplements and eating as best I can. I'm a vegetarian too, so it's hard. A lot of beans (maybe too many from what people are saying and egg whites) I have read the tips for vegetarians on here. (Def a great site. Whenever I have a question, I just look it up on here, so I figured I should probably just join)

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