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Mitigating Cheat Day Feasting.

I've been having good success, as measured by fat gain twenty-four hours after cheat day ending, by taking PGX fiber supplement. I've tried to do the same with Benefiber to see the difference and next week I'm going to try ingesting a solution of fruit pectin with cheat meals to get a comparison of the three fibers. So far, however, three tablets of the PGX taken with 400 ml of water, 1/2 hour before eating has not only shown 68% less fat gain compared to no fiber supplement. The Benefiber trial showed a higher water retention and a 22% less fat gain compared to baseline. (Though my only measure for these trials was a bioelectrical impedance scale and total weight, all measures taken at the same time, 6:00am, prior to any ingestion of food or water but after elimination.)

The idea behind this supplementation is that the fiber in the supplement binds with and surrounds/suspends the nutrient/food blend as it makes it's way through the g.I. Tract slowing the absorption of sugars as it travels along. Less rapid sugar availability translates to a deadened insulin response which reduces fat storage of the same.

It's proof enough for me to use it on cheat days. I hope this is of some help to some of you.

God Bless.

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Sounds like a good idea and worth trying. I may give this a try myself, but getting the timing right to drink the fiber 30 minutes before a cheat meal may be too hard for a lazy and disorganized sort like myself.

  • Iaggu commented Sep 23rd 2011:

    If you can shoot for 1/2 hour if not have them with the meal. Just make sure you get the water in too or the fiber will plug you up.


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Where do you get the PGX fiber supplement?


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You really took 3 tablets before EVERY meal? That seems like a bit much isn't it?

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