Do you follow the Occam's Perscriptions or the Geek to Freak Supplements or both?

I want to do the Geek to Freak and am confused as to which supplements to take. 4HB describes Occam's Prescriptions (pg 208) and then another set of supplements on Geek to Freak (pg 186). Which one should I follow?


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I combined them together to create something like this:

Before breakfast:

Creatine 3.5g

Niacin (500mg)

With Breakfast

1/2 protein shake (15g)

Alpha lipoic (200mg-300mg)

Chromium (200 mcg)

With lunch:

Alpha lipoic


Before workout:

NO-Xplode (2 scoops)

1/2 Whey protein isolate shake

After workout:

10-30g L-Glutamine

Remaining 1/2 of workout shake

With Dinner:


Alpha lipoic

Before bed:

1/2 protein shake

Creatine 3.5g


Niacin 200 mcg

Policosanol 23mg

Alpha lipoic

  • WhitScott commented Mar 19th 2011:
    I've been using this as a resource for tailing my supplements daily for the last two weeks and wanted to thank you for posting it.
  • 4hourfreak commented May 20th 2011:
    If you're not using NO-Explode, and are using another preworkout like Jack3d, should you add some creatine to it? as NO-Explode does have creatine.....

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For the G2F supplements, do you have to take the non-exercise related supplements daily, or only on exercise days?


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