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Protein Black Bean Brownies

This doesn't have enough protein to be a whole meal replacement, but I imagine it could easily be done, just make sure that you're not eating a brownie larger than what your usual helping of beans would be (for me, that's 1/2 cup).

Protein Black Bean Brownies

1 can of black beans - rinsed well


1/2 cup butter

4 Tablespoons Cocoa powder (non alkalized for the health benefits)

3 scoops of your favorite protein powder (0g sugar, 0g carbs, I prefer New Zealand Whey because it's got no hormones, antibiotics, or bad stuff!)

1 teaspoon vanilla (unsweetened)

2-3 tsp stevia (optional since TF doesn't recommend it)

pinch of salt

Optional Ingredients

Make a delicious crunchy crust (which also helps it come out of the pan easier) with millet, almond meal.

I like to top mine with chopped 100% dark chocolate, there's no sugar, it's quite bitter, but I love dark chocolate.

Shredded unsweetened coconut is great to add too!


Optional Crust:

Blitz 1 cups of almonds in a food processor until it is in small pieces. Add 1 cup millet and process until it looks like whole wheat. Fold with 4 tbsp melted butter, and a pinch salt. Press into baking sheet and bake for 8 -10 minutes on 350 F.

Be careful not to burn.

Brownie Mixture:

Rinse beans well.

Add the beans, and other batter ingredients to the blender. Blend to the consistency of brownie batter.

Once the batter has been fully mixed you can fold in any optional ingredients like the shredded coconut and chopped dark chocolate (or save for the top).

Grease the tin with butter (if not adding a crust) and pour the batter into the tin.

Bake at 350 for 30 minutes (or until a test toothpick comes out clean).

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This black bean brownie recipe is great! I omitted the protein powder and dump the whole can of beans (fluid included) in the food processor. These have helped my husband and I choke down our beans better.

  • Tania Rice commented Apr 24th 2013:

    How big was your can of beans?

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