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weight loss after no sweetener -except stevia

I posted this last week


and lost 3 lbs in 5 days of not drinking propel anymore. I still ate about 3 small squares of chocolate (one day even more) that was lactose free but had maltitol and still lost the weight

I have a hard time drinking plain water and an even harder time giving up sweets, so here's what i did:

I used

7 drops sweet leaf liquid stevia (english toffee) in my coffee

4 drops sweet leaf liquid stevia (lemon drop) in my water, twice daily

half a packet stevita in my tea

3 or more small squares of chocolate with maltitol

there has been some debate over the insulin response to stevia, my personal response is either small or non-existant, so until i plateau again,i will continue my use of stevia

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Good for you to keep tweaking your program!

I was a stevia addict prior to SCD, and now I am not using it except on DGW day.

Keep on keeping on and thanks for reporting your results.


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I hate that this is the case :(. What am I going to do about my 2 energy drinks a day?... I guess there's no more living in denial!


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Will definitely keep this in mind. I've been plateauing for the last couple of weeks, and I think the reason might be I couldn't take the unsweetened beverages any more. I started using artificial sweeteners right about the same time I started plateauing... Will try stevia and get back to you on this :P

  • 4hbnprog commented Sep 27th 2011:

    This is good to know! I've been avoiding my stevia drops since starting SCD, but I am encouraged by your trial to give it a shot! I can drink my coffee without sweetener, but sure would like some lightly sweetened ice water or ice tea.

  • guestnurse commented Sep 28th 2011:

    I use Nutrasweet in my coffee....I've lost 8 lb in 20 days..so I'll stick with my nutrasweet and take my chances...I just can't take my coffee with none. I have some Stevia I have been afraid to use. I might try it and check my blood sugars and see what happens.

  • miguelur commented Oct 3rd 2011:

    Checking back for whoever's interested. I left the artificial sweeteners (again) and resumed weight loss.


    I started the SCD two months ago, been loosing steadily most of the time. First plateau is when I decided to create an account on this forum - found out green peas are only allowed in moderation, and I've been eating a lot of them at the time. Left them, and resumed weight loss.

    Second plateau I suspected was because of the sweeteners (I started without them). I decided to leave them 7 days ago (reading this thread) and what do you know... loosing weight again! I'm almost at my set goal (though I think I'll set a new goal since it's not looking like it will be enough) and so far so good. If you're plateauing, check your diet and correct where needed.

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