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Gaining weight, after week 1. A rant :)

first of all, thanks to the awesome community here. WOW. amazing.

im not sure this is the program for me.

when i finally got it, a few days after fine tuning, to really nail it, i gained 3 pounds after my official week. and thats will cardio and hardly a real cheat day. i'd call it a binge at 9pm one night that i counted as my day.

i lost originally like 1.4 lbs but gained it back after last thurs night and i am still 132.2. ugh.(i was 123 July 1st which is why i started this diet last week and half ago).

i think i may be taking it too literally "eat all you want of the approved foods" and finding im am having several meals a day, massive volumes of oil dressed veggies, guacamole, etc on top of the beans and protein.

i think it is just too much for my little bod and i need way less calories. i think, given that i have only 8 pounds to lose, i just do a variation of the last mile (way to restrictive - though I would get to my goal weight in 2 weeks no doubt!)

i am finding myself wondering why in the photos of meals do people put their hands in it? is that to show portion? and if so, why, if we can have as much as we want? why does it need to be given a sense of proportion by showing the hand? or, is it that we should only be eating a handful of protein, etc? (The way so many diets suggest measuring).

last night, after i think, a pound of fish on top of veggies, i made a huge 'pudding' of several spoons of CHIA seeds with almond milk, which is probably over 400 calories in the pudding alone. i can't imagine one can just really stuff their face with all this food and lose.

so i am at a loss.

while i love this plan cuz i CAN eat (my usual way of losing is to do no breakfast, a medizone (phentermetrizine) pill, protein and salad for lunch and same for din. some fruit, maybe - or a pint of Arctic Zero.) Boom. I drop the weight and keep it off.

anyway, just wondering if this is NORMAL -

a gain before a loss???

maybe when i start my PAGG, it'll help.

just feeling bloated and depressed and caught up in the food.

thanks for the rant/

and so sorry if i dont write back to all the awesome responses !! two kids, work from home and one tired mama here :)

xo emily


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That sounds like an assload of food, GF. =) I commend you on looking for answers.

Reread the SCD portion of the book, after holding your hands on your forehead for a few minutes. (Remember ESR method I posted?) Example:Guac is a moderation, only once a day in a reasonable sized serving food. The Feast Beast part of your brain is in control and editing what you have read about SCD to fulfill its needs. You can take control of this!

Your previous regimen might contribute to your going all survival when it comes time to eat, or do you think you might have some sort of food addictive stuff?

To get back to a true, solid SCD program with YOU in control and not the food, you'll need to recognize when your higher brain in working vs when your survival mode aka Feast Beast is on, and that takes some time and thought, but it is not difficult.

    Your higher brain will decide what is on your program by following the book and the list posted http://4hourpeople.com/question/369/slow-carb-foods-allowed-not-all... on allowed SCD foods- not the place that has walnuts as a "no". Keep it simple with the basics to start out.

    You will post on forum your program for old SCDers to review- those who have done SCD for at least 6 weeks with success.

    You will stick to your plan 100%. Tell yourself, "I never stray from protocol". "I am 100% compliant".

    You will learn to recognize the Feast Beast as it taunts you with things like "you really should be able to eat x,y,z" and to Answer happily with your mantra, "I only eat foods on program" etc. "I NEVER stray from protocol".

    You will succeed.

Rock it and make it work for YOU!

Finally, this is a great tool: http://www.hypnosisnetwork.com/hypnosis/weight_loss.php


PS for more info on the Feast Beast and addiciton: https://rational.org/index.php?id=35


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I agree with Joy Mc- time to reread the book. Guacamole is an in moderation food as are nuts- aka almond milk, also the cheat day is important.

It sounds like you may be eating past being full, into being stuffed- I think the idea is to feel satiated not stuffed, might want to make sure you are getting enough H2O.

I believe that putting drugs into your system, be they prescribed or other can end up being stored in fat and make it harder to lose weight in the future, perhaps the medizone is hurting you?

I'd suggest sticking to the program for a solid 2 weeks, ditching or moderating the in moderation foods, limiting the excersize, and see what happens. Also take measurements as they are more important than weight.

On a side note- a lot of Almond milk has added sugars, does yours?


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Simple answer: You're eating too much. That's why you're gaining weight.

(I say this from experience. I am also a compulsive overeater who can pound back 2-3 pounds of food in one sitting)

Long answer: Since you're not a very large person to begin with, you need to count calories/control portion sizes if you want to lose weight. The only reason the book tells you not to count calories is because it might discourage people from sticking to the SCD.

(yes, those fist and hands in the pics are to show portion size. I weigh my food on a digital kitchen scale and keep a food log. Did you know a serving of meat is only 4oz? Not a pound. LOL. I know. That's ridiculously small. Now I eat about 6oz of meat/fish with about 1.5lb of veggies. And a liter of water. And maybe some protein pudding as dessert. Yeah, for one meal. But I only eat 3 meals a day)

Optimally, you should limit calories and portion sizes, as well as cut back heavily on oils, fats, and carbs (except beans but these should be skipped for dinner).

I (as well as many of us regulars here) noticed you were posting LOTS of questions that went along the lines of "Can I eat ____? Is _______ ok? Why isn't _______ok to eat?"

Most of those answers are "no" If you have to ask, it's probably not ok to eat.

I would suggest that you stop trying to get around the system and accept the principles as it is. It works, even for thin folks (I'm 5'6" and went from 126lb to 116lb 17.3% body fat. LauraCox, the mod of this site did one better and is at a smokin 105lb 12.5% bf.)

And a week is hardly enough time to gauge the effectiveness of anything properly, don't you think? Give it some time to tweak/reduce portion size and calories and it will work.

  • emwags commented Sep 19th 2011:

    you just totally inspired me! ok got it! (and nooo, not trying to get around the system! me wants the system!! trying to reconcile the book, the forum and that site that lets you plug in a food and it tells you if its cool to eat.) i am going to moderate - act like im on a diet, not a food fest, and see what happens. i wanna be 116 too! XO


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Hi, Em!

I will echo the other answers of JoyMc and wombat and say that you are probably taking the "eating as much as you want" thing "too literally". Tim Ferriss has written some vagueness in parts of the Slow Carb Diet that are highly prone to individual interpretation.

In order to lose weight, you really have to eat a bit under what your body determines as "maintenance". Obviously, if you eat more than that you WILL gain weight.

That being said...it seems you KNOW where you went wrong. This diet DOES work, but it looks like you have your heart into it just not the body part. That is EASILY remedied with a calorie lowering tweak and making the portions SANER. :)

If you are already close to your goal weight of 123 or 120 lbs, I'd try to go for 3 meals and omit legumes from dinner. If you find you are still hungry. Have a smaller meal later at night like a chicken breast (lightly seasoned) and some steamed veggies.

Don't omit the legumes from breakfast and lunch. Be sure you are getting 30g of protein in the morning within 30 minutes of waking up in the morning. Get in your lunch 4 hours later(or 5) and be sure there is at least 1/4-1/2 cup of legumes with it. Have a nice, legume-less dinner and be sure you are drinking 3L of water a day.

Do that....and I think you can break through this. Don't give up! You want to give the plan AT LEAST 6 weeks before you "deem it not working". It DOES work, seriously. After 22 weeks on the plan, I've lost 55 lbs. :) Have faith!

  • emwags commented Sep 19th 2011:

    THANKS SOO MUCH you guys!

    yes, i am going hog wild with a food addiction.

    any plan that says eat as much as you like of these foods, does not work for a compulsive over eater. will cut the beans at night and measure out legumes at lunch water i drink like crazy (iced green tea and yerba mate all day) my almond milk is unsweetened vanilla, 40 cals a cup. will cut the guac, (it SAYS a cup a day) i can't re-read those pages anymore.i do everyday! i have on idea when i am full. it does not apply to me. i am totally disconnected from myself in that way. joy, im gonna look into your links!! and gonna try out some PAGG too (to write about on my blog called www.groomed-la.com) - so we'll see if that helps.

    u guys roocckkk!!! xo

  • JamesAt15 commented Sep 19th 2011:

    Are you wolfing your food down? You should also try eating at a slower pace and chew really thoroughly. I often catch myself eating too quickly, and have a feeling you might be as well. Keep at it.


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emwags, you have not gained fat unless you were eating fast carbs and it does not sound like you were. You are either retaining water or waste. Or in a part of your cycle that could influence things. Or the scale is jacked up.

You are supposed to intentionally spike your intake on cheat day. Sounds like you didn't.

You also did cardio. TF specifically says that too much exercise can cause problems.

I would advise the opposite of what others are posting here (except that I agree you should read the book more/again.)

I'd say crank up the proportion of protein and legumes in your meals, go NUTS on cheat day, and lay off the cardio, for sure.

I know. It goes against all "conventional wisdom". That's why it's an ingenious diet.

One CAN "stuff their face and lose", if what one is stuffing in there are not fast carbs/processed foods/sugars. But the beauty of these foods is that there is no inclination to literally stuff oneself to bursting anyway!

  • emwags commented Sep 20th 2011:

    thnx gretchenlin - but i think one can totally get fat from eating - fat! i'm gonna find the mid place of all of this - i cant read the book anymore (or at least, the chapter on the diet) there isnt even THAT much on it. just a few pages. right??

    i'll cut back on cardio and see what happens too.


  • Gretchen Linden commented Sep 20th 2011:

    emwags et al: SCD is all about avoiding insulin responses that result from eating carbs/"white carbs". ****Insulin drives fat storage.**** (NOT "excessive calories")

    Good reading on this besides Tim's work: anything by Gary Taubes.

    SCD's foundation: proteins, slow carbs (legumes and fibrous veggies), and fats do not create blood sugar spikes and insulin response.

    emwags: If you only have 8 lbs to lose, I think you're right to look into The Last Mile rather than SCD. Good luck!

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